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To my Muslim readers, you might want to skip this article as most of the food mentioned in this article are non-halal.


If you are a reader of mine, you will be familiar with the Hokkien saying of “Chiak Bui Liow” which literally means Eat Cannot Finish. Actually, when a Hokkien person says “chiak bui liow”, what he/she is implying is that one has accumulated wealth beyond his/her needs for survival and will still have an abundance of wealth to be inherited by the next generation.

In my previous article titled The Secret To Eternal Happiness (click here to read it), I once again reiterated that most of you, my readers, would eventually be among the top 10% richest human beings on planet earth – subject to the fact that you are not addicted to gambling, drugs, china dolls or stupidly spending your hard earned money on non-essential material stuff and you invest every single spare sen you have when you are young.

In respect of the above said paragraph, this means that most of you who are reading this would eventually achieve the level of “chiak bui liow” if you have not already.

And if you are not into gambling, drugs, china dolls or toy boys, watches, cars, shopping on fashion (clothes, handbags, shoes and etc), PC/Online games and other stuff that give you temporary happiness, then most probably you find happiness in food!

And best of all, we get to share good food with our loved ones and all of us get to enjoy temporary happy moments together. The magic word here is share. It’s no fun eating alone. The best is we have a party of six to ten people so that we can order more dishes; as such, we get to enjoy a variety of taste.

So today, I am going to play the role of an International Food Blogger for the benefit of those who have attained the level of “chaik bui liow” and show you places that you can use your children’s future inheritance to gain happy moments with you loved ones. Below you will find restaurants recommended by yours truly where you must try their food. Of course there are thousands of restaurants/cafes not mentioned here which serve really good food… and that’s because maybe I have yet to try them, haha. And if you need the location and contact number of the restaurants/cafes mentioned, just google it.

GenX Chiak Bui Liow


I tell you, Malaysia has many fantastic restaurants serving delicious Nasi Lemak, Satay, Chinese, Indian, Nyonya, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Western, Fusion, and of course Mamak Stalls that serve really good Maggi Mee Goreng 🙂 Below are some of my favorite restaurants:

ALEXIS – Bangsar Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Shopping Centre, The Gardens and Jalan Ampang

Alexis serves various local and western food which are not too bad but nothing great.What you must really try at Alexis is their Tiramisu and Palova.

Usually when I am in Mid Valley or The Gardens, I would have my lunch or dinner somewhere else (Amarin Heavenly Thai, Canton-i, DOME, Fong Lye, Ippudo, Kim Lian Kee Hokkien Mee, Pasta Zanmai and Sushi Zanmai) and then drop by Alexis for their cakes and coffee and best of all, I can smoke there, hehe. Talking about The Gardens, I used to patronize the Han Room Chinese Restaurant but since last year I have found their service not to my satisfaction and as such nowadays I only go to Fong Lye (3rd Floor) which actually serves pretty good Chinese Food (recommended dishes – Foie Gras, Steam Fish Teo Chew Style, Pork Ribs and Brinjal/Eggplant).

IPPUDO – Bangsar Shopping Centre, The Gardens and Pavilion

Ippudo is an International Japanese Ramen Restaurant chain where they have 130 outlets worldwide including New York, London, Singapore, Jakarta, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur.

The very first time I tried Ippudo was in Singapore. And I tell you, after I tasted Ippudo’s Akamaru Ramen (Tonkotsu broth with special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil), no other Ramen restaurant can satisfy my taste buds. To me, Ippudo’s Akamaru is the best ramen in the world. And I am so lucky that there is an Ippudo outlet at The Gardens.

Ippudo Ramen 1

Ippudo Ramen

ERAWAN – Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara

This is a multiple award winning restaurant and the best Thai restaurant in Malaysia as far as I am concerned. The food they serve is nothing like the Thai restaurants at the malls (e.g. Amarin and Absolute Thai). Everything they serve is really delicious and you must try their papaya salad. Reservation is required.

Erawan Thai Food Award 1

Erawan Thai Food Award 2

Erawan Papaya Salad

NOBLE MANSION – Plaza 33 Section 13 Petaling Jaya

Noble Mansion is currently one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Malaysia. The ambience is nice, service is fantastic and the food is freaking good. The dishes you must try at this restaurant are their Salmon on Orange, Macau Style Suckling Pig, Spanish Ribs and Hokkien Mee (they will give you a separate bowl of pork lard!).




This is how I like my vege done 🙂

GRAND IMPERIAL – Sunway Pinnacle

This is another of my current favorite Chinese restaurants in Malaysia where the service is fantastic and the food is really good. The VIP rooms are “nicer” than the ones at Noble Mansion as they are bigger and even come with sofas! I have patronized this restaurant more than a dozen times and each time I am satisfied with the food recommended by the Manager. If you want really good superior shark fins, it is best you order them a couple of days in advance with the Manager. And one of their specialty is their Fish Soup, but it is not to everyone’s liking and my advise is that you order the “better” fish which would result in the soup tasting less “fishy”.

I also highly recommend their Dim Sum which is served daily for lunch.

Imperial Garden Pinacle

Imperial Garden Pinnacle Sunway

RESTAURANT SRI NYONYA – Section 22 Petaling Jaya

This is one of the best authentic Nyonya restaurants which I have tried. Everything that is served in this restaurant is freaking good including their coffee and cendol. You must try their lamb shank (best you order before going there). Reservation is highly recommended.


Melbourne has been voted the most livable city on planet earth and I can certainly vouch for it. You see, Melbourne CBD is one of the cleanest cities on earth as there are workers cleaning the streets/walkways practically throughout the day and even in the wee hours of the morning. And best of all, you can find all kinds of food in Melbourne CBD – Chinese, Italian, Greek, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Korean, Arabian, German, Spanish and Malaysian Cuisines (practically everywhere in the CBD). And because Melbourne is a multi-cultural melting pot, Melburnians are exposed to a vast variety of cuisines, as such many of the top restaurants/cafes serve fusion food with influences from various countries. That is why Master Chef Australia, which is based in Melbourne, is the Greatest Cooking Show on earth.

Melbourne city itself is not really big and you can actually walk from one end to the other. But if you are lazy to walk, since last year ( January 2015), all tram rides are FREE within the city!!! So, basically you can get from North to South in less than 5 minutes or East to West of the City within less than 10 minutes!!! I tell you, with the FREE tram rides within the city, Melbourne City has transformed itself into one huge shopping center and food haven.

And if you are a Malaysian, you will feel right at home in Melbourne because there are hundreds of Malaysian restaurants including Papa Rich and Old Town White Coffee. If you have not visited Melbourne for the past 10 years, you will be shocked to find that most of the shops in Swanston Street near Melbourne Central Station have been converted to Asian restaurants. Part of Little Bourke Street has been known as China Town for decades and soon a stretch of Swanston Street can be called Little Asia! The reason as to why so many Asian restaurants have been mushrooming is simply because online shopping has forced many of the traditional retail shops to close down and replaced with Asian restaurants to cater to the overwhelming numbers of foreign students and tourist (especially from mainland China) who now contribute greatly to the Australian economy.

And I tell you, Melbourne’s coffee prepared by trained baristas is the best in the world. I think it has something to do with the “fresh” milk. I would only order Cappuccino in Melbourne because it is a standard practice that they sprinkle chocolate on it and thus I do not need to add sugar to my coffee. Below are some photos of cappuccinos prepared by Melbourne’s barista with freaking nice coffee art:

Melbourne Coffee Art

Without further ado, I present to you my recommendations of restaurants you must try in Melbourne (all the restaurants mentioned below allow you to share the food you have ordered where they will be more than happy to provide additional plates and cutlery):

HARDWARE SOCIETE – Hardware Lane Melbourne CBD

This is my favorite cafe in Melbourne CBD. They do not accept reservations, as such, the best time you go is between 11.20am and 12.00pm on weekdays. If you go after 12pm,  you may end up waiting up to half an hour for a table.  And the reason why I recommend the time mentioned above is because they start serving lunch at 11.30am and therefore you get to try their lunch menu also where they have daily specials. I would advise you not to visit Hardware Societe on weekends because the queue is freaking long. FYI, they only serve breakfast and lunch.

If you are lucky, sometimes they will have rainbow trout or salmon for their specials and I would recommend that you order it. Generally their fish special is pretty good.

Must try dishes at Hardware Societe are their Baked Eggs, Twice Cooked Pork Belly (please note that they may have another pork belly item on the menu), Duck and lunch specials. And if you like Hot Chocolate, you must try Hardware Societe’s Hot Chocolate.

Hardware Societe Melbourne Baked Eggs

Hardware Societe Pork Belly

Hardware Societe Lunch Special

Hardware Societe Lunch Special 2

GenX Baked Eggs.JPGAnd if you like Hardware Societe’s Baked Eggs, in my previous article published at Generations X Y Z blogspot, I played chef where I taught you how to cook similar baked eggs in less than 15 minutes with a Philips Air Fryer, click here to read it.

CHIN CHIN – Flinders Lane Melbourne CBD

This is another restaurant you must try while you are in Melbourne. Once again, if you hate to wait in a queue like me, it’s best to go around 11.30am before the lunch crowd. Generally, Chin Chin does not accept reservations. However, if there are minimum 10 people in your party, you can make a reservation but must go with their “banquet” that cost AUD69 per pax but they will keep feeding you until your stomachs explode!

If you go to Chin Chin’s website, you may have the impression that they serve Thai food; however, this is not really the case as they serve Fusion food with a heavy Thai influence. Must try at Chin Chin are their King Fish Sashimi, Caramelised Pork, Crispy Duck, Salmon Banana Leaf and their curries/rendangs. Click here to enlarge Chin Chin’s menu if necessary.

And like I mentioned at the beginning, good food is meant to be shared and enjoyed together and at Chin Chin that is exactly what you are expected to do.

Chin Chin Menu

Chin Chin Ikan Bakar (BBQ) with Sambal
Chin Chin Crispy Duck

Chin Chin Crab and Pork Cakes.JPG


Chin Chin Roti Banana

Chin Chin Coconut Sago with Corn Ice Cream

SHARK FINS INN – Little Bourke Melbourne CBD

Shark Fins Inn is my favorite Chinese Restaurant in Melbourne, not only is their service very good and the staff friendly (Managers Kelvin and Angus will try their very best to make you happy) but the food is consistently good. Reservation is recommended.

As far as I am concerned, they serve the best Lobster cooked with Ginger and Spring Onion Noodle and I have tried many other Chinese restaurants in Melbourne. And usually I will ask them to add noodles and they will happily give me more of the Ginger and Spring Onion gravy to go with the noodles.

Yes, if you are in Melbourne, you must visit Shark Fins Inn and try their Live Australian Lobster cooked with Ginger and Spring Onion Noodle. Another dish which you must try is their Coral Trout cooked in 2 or 3 styles (depending on the size of the Coral Trout available). And if you like crabs, try their Snow Crab. However, I would not recommend the Live Green Lip Abalone as I find them to be tasteless!!!

Generally the food at Shark Fins Inn is good including their Sweet & Sour Pork (order it with spare ribs), Stuffed Bean Curb, Chicken Ribs cooked with Salted Egg Yoke or Salt and Pepper Chilli.

Shark Fins Inn Live Lobster with Cordon Bleu

Shark Fins Inn Live Lobster with Cordon Bleu 300

Shark Fins Inn Snow Crab

CNY 2016 Shark Fin Inn Abalone

ANTS BISTRO – Corrs Lane off Little Bourke Street Melbourne CBD

This is another one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Melbourne. Yeah, I know, the name is odd for a Chinese restaurant, hahaha. Reservation is recommended.

This restaurant is owned by two brothers where one of them is the cook. The other brother and his wife take orders and serve the food and both the husband and wife are very nice and friendly people. Sometimes this restaurant is so packed that you may have to wait close to an hour before your food is served, but I assure you the wait is worthwhile.

You must try their Scrambled Egg White which is a damn simple dish but Ants Bistro makes it freaking delicious. Another dish you must try is their Claypot Barramundi which is not in their menu. And their sweet and sour pork is as good as Shark Fins Inn. Their oysters are pretty good and somehow I find them to be of “bigger” size compared to other Chinese restaurants in Melbourne.

But if you want Lobster, like I said earlier, Shark Fins Inn’s Lobster with Ginger and Spring Onion Noodle is the place to go.

I kind of patronize Ants Bistro at least once every month and I have come to know the husband and wife team pretty well. I have learned that they are friends with one of the owners of a  Macau restaurant which I have visited during my last trip to Macau in January 2016. Recently I asked them if they could cook Macau Crab Porridge and I was delighted when they said yes. So I ordered 2 Mud Crabs (which is half the cost of Snow Crab) for 10 pax and guess what, it was freaking delicious. Now I no longer need to fly to Macau to have Crab Congee 🙂

If you want to try the Macau Crab Porridge at Ants Bistro, you will need to talk to them (a few days in advance as they don’t have any crab dishes in their menu) as they prepared it specially for me.

Another of the specialty is their steam chicken where you may need to order a day or two in advance.

I have also tried their fried whole Barramundi (salt and pepper style or something like that) which was actually freaking good, i.e. texture wise and without the fishy taste unlike other fried Barramundi that cost less than AUD30 at other restaurants. I was told it is because Ants Bistro’s Barramundi are specially ordered and they pay a premium for it. As such, as far as I am concerned, Ants Bistro’s Barramundi where they charge more than AUD40 for a whole fish can be considered cheap.

Ants Bistrol Melbourne Macau Crab Congee

Ants Bistrol Melbourne Macau Crab Congee 2

Ants Bistrol Melbourne Macau Crab Congee with Grey Label

Ants Bistrol Melbourne Claypoy Barramundi

Ants Bistrol Melbourne Osyter

Ants Bistrol Melbourne Steam Chicken

SECRET KITCHEN – Corner of Little Bourke Street and Exhibition Street Melbourne CBD

This restaurant was formerly known as China Bar where they have now engaged award winning chefs from mainland China. Most of the Chinese restaurants in Chinatown basically serve Hong Kong style cooking (that is why you will find that the Lobster Ginger and Spring Onion Noodle in London Chinatown tastes similar to the ones in Melbourne Chinatown).

However, since the chef at Secret Kitchen is from mainland China, you can expect their style of cooking to be different for the same dish that you get at say, Shark Fins Inn. For example, I once ordered the Lobster Ginger Spring Onion Noodle at Secret Kitchen and there was hardly any “gravy” and the taste was different from other restaurants BUT it still tasted pretty good.

The food and service at Secret Kitchen is generally good and what I like is that their tables are well spaced apart unlike most of the restaurants in Melbourne CBD. However, their Managers are not that friendly or willing to go the distance to make you happy unlike Shark Fins Inn’ Managers (Kelvin and Angus).

I have been to Secret Kitchen more than 3 times and each time I spent more than AUD600 (8 pax) but the Manager there refused to waive the corkage charges the last time I was there in early April even though I was told by another manager it could be waived if I spend more than AUD400 over dinner. I had to pay AUD30 per bottle for corkage charges when I took my award winning cognac, Gautier XO Gold & Blue, for dinner at Secret Kitchen. The amount, AUD30, is negligible compared to the overall bill but it is small things like this (i.e. waiving corkage charges)  that make me really happy, hahaha.

Secret Kitchen Melbourne

Secret Kitchen Snow Crab

THE MEAT & WINE CO – Southbank Melbourne

This is the place to go for really good barbeque spare ribs. And if you have a citibank credit card, you are entitled to a FREE bottle of Australian wine 🙂

Meat and Co Southbank Melbourne

Meat and Co Melbourne Ribs

Meat and Co Melbourne Ribs 2

Meat and Co Free Wine with Citibank

TAXI KITCHEN – Federation Square Swanston St & Flinders St Melbourne CBD

I really love Taxi Kitchen which is located on the 1st floor which overlooks the city (Southbank and Flinders St). The service at Taxi Kitchen is fantastic and more importantly the food is really good. They serve fusion food and as such our taste buds will have a good time when you order several dishes and share them with your loved ones.

You will be surprised that Taxi Kitchen staff are very well aware that Asians love to share their food; and may even ask who in your party are sharing the food so that they can place the cutlery and plate accordingly; and the dish that is to be shared comes automatically with a separate serving spoon and fork.

Taxi Kitchen Melbourne Award

Taxi Kitchen Scallop

Taxi Kitchen Beef

Taxi Kitchen Chicken

Taxi Kitchen Salmon

Taxi Kitchen Duck

Taxi Kitchen Desert.jpg

NSHRY – Albert Park (near to Melbourne CBD)

NSHRY is located about 15 minutes drive from Melbourne CBD. This is my favorite cafe in Melbourne simply because the food and view is amazing. In 2011, NSHRY won the Best Burger of The Year Award (for beef burger).

What I really like at NSHRY is their Corn Fritters with Smoked Salmon whereas my children would go for their burgers (besides beef, they have soft shell crab and chicken too). Once again, best to go there in a party of 3 to 6 and order different dishes and then share so that your taste buds can go wild (except for the burger where it is really only enough for 1 person).

And like all good restaurants in Melbourne, if you hate to wait for a “nice” table, you should go before 12pm on weekdays and never on weekends.


NSHRY View from inside


NSHRY Corn Fritters

FOMO THAI RESTAURANT – Bourke Street Melbourne CBD

I have tried a few Thai restaurants in Melbourne and I must say many of them serve really delicious red duck curry. However, my favourite Thai restaurant is FOMO Thai where everything I have tried there so far tasted really good. You must try their roast pork belly and papaya salad. And their Tub Tim Grob (water chestnut dessert) is actually pretty good. Reservation is recommended.


In you are in Melbourne for the long haul and miss good Malaysian food, check out Blue Chillies which is located in Fitzroy (about less than 10 minutes drive from Melbourne CBD). What you must really try at Blue Chillies are their Asam Fish, Thrice Cooked Duck, King Prawns, Pork Ribs, Duck Rendang, Spicy Eggplant, curries and other dishes to go with white rice. Reservation is recommended.

Blue Chilles Thrice Cook Duck

Blue Chillies Pork Ribs

Blue Chillies Fish Fillet

Blue Chilles Asam Prawns.JPG

N2 EXTREME GELATO – Sutherland Street Melbourne CBD

If you love ice cream, you must try N2 while you are in Melbourne CBD. They change the flavours every week and my favourites are The Red Velvet and Creme Brulee. Their gelatos are made on the spot using liquid nitrogen and you can view it as they are made.

N2 Gelato


In my other blog called Melbourne Victoria Australia, I have published many articles on where to get good quality delicious food around Melbourne.

Best Cafes and Restaurants in MelbourneClick here to read my article titled The Best Cafes and Restaurants in Melbourne to learn where you can get:

  1. The Best Fish and Chips in Melbourne – Top Of The Bay located in Williamstown, 20 minutes drive from CBD, I have taken many of my relatives there and they agree that it is better than the Fish & Chips in Freemantle Perth;
  2. Teow Chew Style Steam Fish and Curry Fish Head in Malaysian restaurants;
  3. My favorite Italian Restaurant in Lygon Street;
  4. Best deals for food in Melbourne CBD (my favorite is CJ Lunch Bar);
  5. much much more.

And when you are in Melbourne, drop by Woolworths or Big W (both have a store at QV Swanston Street) and buy a few bars of Cadbury’s Old Gold Jamaica Rum ‘N’ Raisin Chocolate which is not available in Malaysia.

Old Gold Rum and Raisin Chocolate Australia.JPG


Of course you have to try Australian red wines while you are in Melbourne. If you are in the CBD, I recommend that you visit Dan Murphy’s at QV Swanston St/Russell St/Lonsdale St (please note QV is not the same as Queen Victoria Market located at Elizabeth Street) and you will be amazed with their liquor selection.

Below are my recommendation of Australian red wines to suit your budget:

Below AUD20 – Taylors’ Clare Valley Shiraz and 80 Acres range:

Australia Red Wine Below AUD20

 Red Wines in the range of AUD20 to AUD50 – Taylors’ Jaraman and Wolf Blass Grey Label:

Australia Red Wine Below AUD30.JPG

Wolf Blass Grey Label.JPG

Red Wines in the range of AUD50 to AUD100 – Penfolds Bin 150, Bin 407 and Bin 389 (I like 389 because it is “sweet” but too bad I did not take a photo of the bottle):

Penfolds Bin 407 150;’

Red Wines costing AUD100 and above – Wolf Blass Black Label:

Wolf Blass Black Label

Wolf Blass Black Label 2004.jpg

Recently, in late March 2016, I opened a bottle of Penfolds Bin 407 followed with a bottle of Wolf Blass Black Label 38th Vintage at my favourite Chinese restaurant in Melbourne, i.e. Shark Fins Inn. I can tell you that initially the Penfolds 407 tasted really nice but that soon changed  after I opened and tasted the Wolf Blass Black Label which tasted much more superior than Penfolds.

Shark Fins Inn Live Lobster April 2016



I tell you, the very first cafe I visited in Paris pissed me off big time as the waitress was damn arrogant as I spoke to her in English. However, the same waitress was extremely friendly to the other two Asians who sat 2 tables away from me because they could speak French!

So, I am only going to recommend two restaurants in Paris because these were the only two restaurants where the waiters were friendly and could understand me when I spoke in English, hahaha.

LADUREE – Av. des Champs-Élysées

This restaurant is packed most of the time but you won’t need to wait long before you are seated. However, I must warn you that it may take ages before you are served. Therefore, if you are in a rush, this may not be the place for you to get a bite.

Having said the above, the waiter assigned to my table was friendly and helpful (I asked him to take photos of my wife and me). The food was also pretty good considering Laduree is more famous for their macarons.

Laduree Restaurant Paris

Laduree Paris Salmon

Laduree Paris

ANGELINA – Palace of Versailles

While in Paris, besides visiting the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum, the other place you must go is the Palace of Versailles (about an hour or less by train from Paris). And I would recommend Angelina located inside the Palace of Versailles for your lunch. Once again, the waiters here would have no problem communicating with you in English.


Angelina Pasta

Angelina Fish

Angelina Paris Desert

Click here to read more about my Paris trip in my article titled My Paris, New York and London Trip 2014

UPDATE July 2016 – I went to Paris again in June 2016, this time I took 3 of my younger children including my wife of course. And we flew Business Class return Kuala Lumpur to London for FREE. From London, we flew return London/Paris with Air France which also depart/arrive at the same terminal as Malaysia Airlines, i.e. Heathrow Terminal 4.  Click here to read how I managed to get 5 FREE Business Class return tickets KL/London.

In this trip, I tried several new restaurants, but I would only recommend 3 of them where the food was really good. The waiters in the three restaurants mentioned below speak English 🙂


MARIETTE – Near Eiffel Tower

If you plan to visit Eiffel Tower around lunch or dinner, you must go try this restaurant. The food is really good, especially the starters – Fried Duck Foie Gras Ravioli and Lobster.

The 3 course dinner cost EUR56 per pax.

The good thing about Mariette is that you can make reservations via TripAdvisor. It is imperative that you make a reservation as the restaurant is rather small and it was packed when I was there on a Tuesday evening.

Click here to enlarge Restaurant Mariette Paris menu if required.

Mariette Restaurant Paris Menu

Mariette Restaurant Paris

Mariette Restaurant Paris 1

Mariette Restaurant Paris 2

Mariette Restaurant Paris 3

Mariette Restaurant Paris 4

Mariette Restaurant Paris 5

Mariette Restaurant Paris 6

Mariette Restaurant Paris 7

Mariette Restaurant Paris 8


114 FAUBOURG – Michelin Star Restaurant near Av. des Champs-Elysees

This is a must try restaurant. The service here is really good. Reservation is highly recommended and you can easily do it via TripAdvisor. We went to 114 Faubourg for lunch and the bill came up to average  about EUR100 per pax.

The other thing to note, the restaurant is also close to Avenue Montaigne (see map below, click here to enlarge it),  which is the best place to shop for luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, Prada, LV, Georgio Armani, etc where each of them has their own spacious boutique unlike Galleries LaFayette which is like a market where most tourist go to.

114 Faubourg Restaurant Paris

At 114 Faubourg, for starter, I ordered the Artichoke soup with pan-seared foie gras. For my main, I had blue lobster with pea, girolle mushrooms and dried apricots. And for dessert  I ordered the vanilla Bourbon Millefeuille. I loved all of the three dishes.  I tell you, the service at 114 Faubourg was unbelievable where they even “unshell/”peeled” the lobster for me (see photos below)!

114 Faubourg Restaurant Paris 3

Artichoke soup with pan=seared foie gras, black truffle emulsion.

114 Faubourg Restaurant Paris 8

Roasted blue lobster, peas, girolle mushroom and dried apricots, black olives and coriander.

114 Faubourg Restaurant Paris 9

Vanilla Bourbon millefeuille, salted butter caramel.

Below are what my wife and children ordered at 114 Faubourg:

114 Faubourg Restaurant Paris 1

King crab eggs, ginger and lemon mayonnaise.

114 Faubourg Restaurant Paris 2

Thin slice of Iberian paleta “Bellota”, candied tomatoes on bread.

114 Faubourg Restaurant Paris 6

Roasted lamb from Lozere with fresh herbs, gnocchi with candied lemon and mashed zucchinis.

114 Faubourg Restaurant Paris 4

Matured beef rib-eye, <cafe de Paris>, butter, baby potatoes.

114 Faubourg Restaurant Paris 5

Look at the size of the rib-eye from the previous photo above.

114 Faubourg Restaurant Paris 7

Dish of the day- pigeon with foie gras mini pie.

114 Faubourg Restaurant Paris 10

Gariguette strawberries, almond meringue, iced vanilla from Madagascar.

114 Faubourg Restaurant Paris 11

Guanaja chocolate souffle with Cognac ice cream.

114 Faubourg Restaurant Paris Bill for 6 Pax

After lunch we headed to Avenue Montaigne and we went to the same Chanel Boutique (there are 2 Chanel Boutiques at Avenue Montaigne) where I bought my wife her Red Boy Chanel Classic Handbag back in May 2014.

Boy Chanel RedBack in mid 2014, I bought the Medium-Large (that time it was called the New Medium) Boy Chanel Red Handbag for EUR3,450. Today, the same size Boy Chanel handbag cost EUR4100. Therefore, the price of a medium-large Boy Chanel Classic Flap Handbag in mid 2016 is 18.8% higher compared to mid 2014. I wanted to say hello to Tetyana, the sales consultant who entertained me back in 2014, but she was on maternity leave. Click here to read my article titled Boy Chanel Red Calfskin Flap Bag with Gold Metal Strap at my previous blog called Money For Luxury – in this article, I posted photos of my wife’s Red Boy Chanel Classic Flapbag plus many other useful info on prices of Chanel bags in Paris, London, Melbourne and Malaysia.

This time, i.e. July 2016, I bought for my wife (for always being there for me and as a maid to my children), eldest daughter (as a graduation gift, she’ll be graduating this year from a World Top 20 Pharmacy Uni) and youngest daughter (sweet sixteen birthday gift and for securing a place in Melbourne’s Best High School) – a Chanel Shopping Bag, Chanel Medium Flap Handbag and Chanel Wallet On Chain  respectively (see photos below).

 Chanel Paris 2016 Limited Edition Shoppping Bag Medium Flap Handbag abd Wallet On Chain


 GRAND IMPERIAL CHINESE RESTAURANT – Grosvenor Hotel Victoria London

I have been to London twice (in 2014 & 2015). I am going there again this coming July 2016.

I must say that the “gravy” in the Lobsters I had in London Chinatown cooked with Ginger & Spring Onion and Noodles tasted almost the same as in Melbourne Chinatown. And just like in Melbourne’s Chinatown, most of the Chinese Restaurants in London Chinatown feel cramped because of the low ceilings and the tables are damn near to each other. But many people are willing to put up with the lack of good quality service in certain Chinese restaurants in London Chinatown just to eat the London Roast Duck (which is actually pretty good).

The famous restaurants in London for Roast Duck are Four Seasons (London Chinatown and Bayswater) and Goldmine (Bayswater). However, I am sad to say that one time I had a rude waiter serving me at Four Seasons Chinatown (Gerrard Street branch).

So far, the best Chinese Restaurant (in terms of food, service and ambiance) I have tried in London is the Grand Imperial located in Grosvenor Hotel, Victoria Station. The ambiance in this restaurant is really nice where it is tastefully decorated, quality table linen, high ceilings, well spaced tables and best of all, their roast duck is damn freaking good, even better than Four Seasons or Goldmine as far as I am concerned. They belong to the same group of restaurants as the Grand Imperial Sunway Pinnacle which I recommended in Malaysia. I guess that is why the service at Grand Imperial London is equally good as their counterpart in Malaysia as they have the same boss.

Grand Imperial London

DUCK & WAFFLE – 40th Floor Heron Tower London

You must visit this restaurant when you are in London. The food is pretty good and the view is amazing! Reservation is imperative and best a month in advance. And of course you must order their signature dish called Duck & Waffle. I also recommend their Foie Gras Creme Brulee.

I tell you, if you think the roast duck in Chinatown London is good, wait till you try the duck at Duck & Waffle and you’ll be blown away.

Deck and Waffle London

Duck and Waffle London Goose Liver Creme Brulee.JPG

Duck and Waffle Heron Tower London Bridge


This is the first Indian Restaurant in the world to be awarded a Michelin Star. And I can understand why, the ambiance is really nice, the Manager and waiter was really friendly and helpful and of course the food was delicious. You must try their Lobster Masala, it was unbelievably freaking good.

My uncle who loves Indian food especially banana leaf curry rice in Malaysia said it is the best Indian food he ever tasted and I also agree with him.

Tamarind Best India Restaurant.jpg


Burger & Lobster is an international restaurant chain that basically serves only Lobster Burger, Whole Boston Lobster and Beef Burger but has tons of alcoholic drinks. And it was in the SOHO London branch that I had the opportunity to taste the award winning Yamazaki 18 Years Old Japanese Whisky for the very first time.

Burger and Lobster London 2

Burger and Lobster London.jpg

UPDATE July 2016  – I also took my children to Duck & Waffle, Tamarind and the new Burger & Lobster at Chinatown London. The Burger & Lobster at Chinatown menu has more options compared to the one at Dean Street (SOHO).

Burger and Lobster Chinatown London Menu

Burger and Lobster 2

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If you ever visit Macau, you must try the crab porridge /congee. The first time I tried the crab porridge was in Grand Lisboa Hotel Noodle and Congee House and I immediately loved it.

Macau Crab Porridge.jpg

I have been to Macau 3 times and there is one restaurant which I would highly recommend and it is called Seng Cheong located in Taipa Village. You must try their Crab Congee but what I really enjoyed at Seng Cheong was their crabs cook in salted egg yoke, which was freaking good.

Macau Seng Cheong Taipa Village.JPG

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The best food in the world is actually a very simple and easy to prepare food which is served in my favourite international restaurant called McDonald’s. However, this freaking delicious simple food is only available in McDonalds USA outlets and no other countries. It is enjoyed by millions daily all across the USA and it’s called Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit. The McD Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit has been my favourite food since my university days in the USA during the late eighties and it is the only thing that I really miss about the US. The McD biscuit just melts in your mouth and nothing beats the combined taste of egg and cheese with crispy bacon…. it’s heaven on earth 🙂

McD Bacon Egg Biscuit

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