Amazing Cash Back Credit Card Combo – Better Than PosOnline AEON Combo

A fantastic tip from kelvinlzy of LYN

Yesterday kelvinlzy of LYN messaged me to share another amazing Cash back Credit Card Combo which is even better than the AEON + UOB VOX/PBB VS/CIMB CR MC combo!

I’m too lazy to go write an article on it, so I will just copy and paste what he messaged me:

Hi bro, I have another exciting news to share with you! Forget about Posonline, now I have a fantastic card that can offer the following:

1. 5-6% for any type of transaction on earth everyday!

2. On top of that, you will get 0.5% additional cashback on all overseas spending (5-6%+0.5%) with low exchange rate, no foreign exchange service fee, locked in best Forex rate, etc. If your overseas spend exceeds RM20,000 a year, you will receive a bonus RM100 cashback rebate.

3. Zero processing fee when purchasing AirAsia flight tickets.

Haha, surprise surprise, that card is AirAsia Ezpay Passport! It comes in 2 forms, a physical or a virtual one. You may top up with CIMB CR or UOB Vox or PBB VS and it is considered as online payment as the payment gateway is ipay88.

Here is the link to the website:

Also, I am not the first one who discovered this. It was posted by a LYN member by the name of “jkngo2003” who reloaded RM1500 using SCB Gold Cashback card to get RM50 every month. I saw his post and decided to test with UOB Vox, and another LYN member by the name of “fruitie” confirmed that ipay88 is entitled for online cashback.

So in summary, we need to reload AA Ezpay Passport using other online cashback cards as the payment gateway is ipay88 to earn 5-6% cashback.

On behalf of all my followers, I would like to thank kelvinlyz of LYN for his selfless sharing 🙂

UPDATE 18 May 2016 – Please check out the comments at my Facebook Post. Some people reported they can’t top up after the first time using credit card. However two other people mentioned that they are able to continue using credit cards to top up their AA Passport Prepaid Card.