GenX GenY GenZ Are All Playing Pokemon Go

Update 14 August 2016 – Melbourne CBD is the best place on earth to play Pokemon Go which is the best FREE game ever designed.

Update 31 July 2016 – I am going to tell you how you can play Pokemon Go in Malaysia


I announced back in May 2016 that I have stopped blogging here at GenX GenY GenZ but I am freaking excited, so much so that I must share with you that I am playing Pokemon Go in Melbourne, hahaha.

GenX GenY GenZ Pokemon Go Intro

If you are a follower of mine, you will know why my blog is called GenX GenY GenZ – Generations Of Our Time. I am from Generation X, and three (3) of my children are Generation Y and my youngest Dragon daughter Generation Z.

If you guys did not know, we from Generation X are the first video gamers on planet earth (those prior to Generation X were more into Pin Ball, hahaha).

I have been playing electronic games ever since I was a kid. The very first video game I played was “table tennis” in a black and white television with a Philips console. My very first “serious” video game console was an Atari (in the late 70s) followed by  Coleco Vision ADAM where I got to play in colour for the first time (1982) and then SEGA Master System (1987). After my sons were born, it was only natural that I got them Playstations, Nintendos and XBox, hahaha.

Between my Atari and Coleco ADAM, I was playing games on a Apple IIe clone in monochrome (green and black).

While I was in Uni, I got my first Intel 8088 laptop (late 80s) where I played Sim City and Romance of The Three Kingdoms in monochrome too.

I tell you, when Ragnarok Online was launched in 2002, I was playing it online together with both my sons (aged 9 and 5 then).  Then when Maple Story Online was launched, all my children played it with me including my youngest Dragon daughter (she was 5 years old at that time). FYI, I have many laptops and PCs in my home as I do burn lots of my hard earned income on electronic devices.

Throughout my working career, I continued to play PC games, sometimes until early in the morning (i.e. 6am if I did not have a meeting in the morning) and then only I will go catch some sleep for a few hours. Sometimes, I would even lock my office room door and play games (if I did not have to visit my work sites), hahahaha.

So from the above, you can see that I am a gaming addict but I had to stop playing serious PC games after I was diagnosed with Glaucoma in 2010.

Sadly, nowadays I only play FREE games that require me to tap here and there on my iPad to past time. All my children and also my wife use Iphones, except me, because I’m too “kedekut” and instead have 3 android phones.

POKEMON GO for Generations X, Y & Z

I flew to Melbourne on 23 July 2016. When I reached my apartment, my eldest daughter told me that she had caught more than 50 Pokemons in the last few days without even leaving the apartment! However, it was kind of late and I was too tired to go check it out.

Today, 24th July 2016, after lunch I installed Pokemon Go into my iPad and Android Phone and I have been playing none stop until just before I started drafting this article!

Well, I managed to catch more than 100 Pokemons in my apartment alone without having to step outside!!! I tell you, my apartment is infested with Pokemons. They are everywhere…. flying around my TV, on my dining table, on my sofa, flying around the refrigerator, on the floor, on my foot and even when I am shitting I managed to catch a Pokemon, hahaha. See photos below:

Pokemon Installed

Pokemon Go Installed in my Android Phone

Pokemon GenXGenYGenZ

Level 8 – my favorite number No.8

Pokemon 128 collected on first day

128 Pokemon Collected where more than 100 inside my apartment!

Pokemon Inside Apartment 1

Pokemon flying around my TV

Pokemon Inside Apartment 2

My apartment is infested with Rattatas!

Pokemon On My Fridge

More Pokemons flying around inside my apartment – this one near to my fridge.

Pokemon on my feet

Pokemon on my foot!

Pokemon on Dining Table 2

Pokemon on my Dining Table

Pokemon outside apartment 2

Pokemon outside my apartment, catching them at my balcony.

I went to Chinatown with my family for dinner. As I was walking to the restaurant, I was busy collecting Pokemons and Poke Balls. And while they ordered the food, I walked around Melbourne Chinatown to catch more Pokemons and collect Poke Balls, hahaha. When I returned to the restaurant, all the dishes were already served and I continued to play Pokemon Go while having dinner. Same thing, I caught more Pokemons while walking back to my apartment, hahaha.

Pokemon Swanston Street Melbourne

Catching Pokemon on Swanston Street on the way to Chinatown for dinner.

Pokemon Melbourne Chinatown

Playing Pokemon Go in Melbourne Chinatown


I guess the reason as to why I can catch so many Pokemons in my apartment is because right in front of my balcony is the only green lung in Melbourne CBD [Spencer Street to to Spring Street (West to East) and La Trobe Street (in the North) to Flinders Street (in the South)].

Too bad the designated Gyms are not near my apartment, therefore, I will need to leave my apartment if I want to visit any of the Gyms.

Pokemon Gym in Melbourne

And with me playing Pokemon Go, I guess now I have more incentive to go out and walk around Melbourne CBD, hahaha.

UPDATE 26 July 2016 – 3rd Day Playing Pokemon Go

For the last 48 hours or so, I have been playing Pokemon Go basically inside my apartment!!! Mostly playing Pokemon Go while sitting on my recliner chair watching TV or at my balcony smoking.

I tell you, the location of my apartment is perfect for Pokemon Go! You see, I have access to 8 Poke Ball Stations without me needing to step out of my apartment. I guess the reason why this is so is because of the GPS signal which cannot really pinpoint my exact location accurately. One of the Poke Ball Station is more than 100 meters away!

Pokemon Go Poke Ball Station Melbourne Central

Poke Ball Stations with me inside my apartment

And since I can move from one Poke Ball Station to another without leaving my apartment, my Poke Eggs get to hatch in the incubator as my character would have walked here and there to satisfy the required distance, hahaha. Only those who play Pokemon will understand this paragraph.

I did leave me apartment yesterday. I was at Bourke Street and there was a Gym there. So I entered it and won my first battle 🙂

Pokemon Go Gym Melbourne

Yesterday night, I had to attend my daughter’s concert at Hamer Hall at Melbourne Arts Centre Complex (beside the river after Flinders Train Station). FYI, my youngest daughter is part of the Melbourne Youth Music and plays in  one of the many bands. Well, I took the tram from my apartment to Hamer Hall and while on the tram, I was collecting Poke Balls as I pass the Poke Ball Stations along Swanston Street.

And with us getting FREE Tram rides within Melbourne CBD, I tell you, Melbourne CBD is the perfect place to play Pokemon Go as we can collect Poke Balls while taking FREE tram rides and visit the Gyms around Melbourne CBD. Next year, not only will Melbourne retain the title of the Most Livable City On Planet Earth but also The Best Place On Earth To Play Pokemon Go, hahaha.

GenX Chiak Bui LiowIf you are planning to visit Melbourne in the future, please click here to read my article “Chiak Bui Liow” where I recommended some really good restaurants that you must try while in Melbourne.

UPDATE 31 July – I won another Gym battle and I am going to tell you how you can play Pokemom Go in Malaysia or anywhere on earth.

It’s winter in Melbourne where most days are gloomy, windy and freaking cold. But today, the sun was out, wind was calm and the temperature reached 17 degrees Celsius. So happened my cousin invited my family for lunch at Merrywell, Crown Casino on this beautiful day. So we took the FREE tram ride from Swanston/Bourke to Crown Casino (one stop before the tram stop in front of Crown, as that’s where the FREE Trams Zone ends). And while on the FREE tram ride, I was collecting Poke Balls as we passed by the many Poke Ball Stops, hahaha.

At Merrywell, we ordered the Mixed Grill (Beef, Ribs, Pork Belly, Lamb and Chicken), a few burgers and couple bowls of mash potatoes. I must say the food at Merrywell was pretty good. And when the waitress served the Mixed Grill, she poured some alcohol and lit it up, freaking cool…..  I mean hot.

Merrywell Crown Casino

Anyway, right in front of Merrywell is a Pokemon Go Gym. I have been powering up my Pokemons for the last few days (but they are still kind of weak and pathetic) so I thought I have a go at the Gym. Well, guess what? I won a battle (see image below), hahaha.

GenX GenY GenZ Pokemon Go Gym Win

After lunch, my wife and children wanted to take the FREE Tram ride back to our apartment but I decided instead to walk along the river to catch Magikarp, hahaha. I tell you, Pokemon Go is really a good game as we are forced to exercise (walk) while playing it 🙂

Having said the above, well, I have been playing Pokemon Go mainly sitting at my recliner chair while watching TV. As mentioned and shown earlier, my phone GPS allows “me” to move around. After I posted the above images showing the 8 Poke Ball Stops, I have managed to visit several more Poke Ball Stops (more than 300 meters) without leaving my apartment!!! I tell you, my cheap China brand Android phone is far more superior than my daughter’s and son’s Apple iPhone where they can only visit 2 Poke Ball Stops from inside my apartment, hahaha.

I Facetimed my mother yesterday and she asked me what I have been up doing? I said playing Pokemon Go and to my surprised she said my brother was also playing Pokemon Go walking all over Sydney. So I asked her when did my brother go to Sydney? Well, she said that he’s not in Sydney but playing Pokemon Go in Malaysia with his PC!!!

For your info, my brother graduated with an Engineering Degree too but has a Minor in Computer Engineering. If you think that I retired in my earlier forties was early, my brother “retired” in his late twenties before the year 2000!!! And all he does whole day is play computer games…. that is when the stock market is slow. He’s really good playing the stock market using technical analysis. While I was working, most years, he could earn more money than me!!!

Anyway, I asked him what emulator he’s using to play Pokemon Go and he told me NOX plus he showed me the link. So, I am going to share with you how you can also play Pokemon Go in Malaysia (or anywhere on earth) right in the comfort of your home with a PC.

If you have been following me for years, you’ll know than I am “ultra kiasu”, I have separate laptops/notebooks for my internet banking and general use (streaming, playing games, etc). Even in Melbourne, I have several notebooks, i.e. a MacAir, an ASUS notebook and a HP notebook and one of them is only purely for internet banking and nothing else.

Before you proceed to read the contents below and download the Pokemon Go Emulator, you are hereby advised to have a pretty fast computer PLUS a very good Anti-Virus Software. I shall not be responsible if your computer is infected with virus or your google account suspended if you proceed to download and play Pokemon Go in the below mentioned emulator.

Step 1 – Google Pokemon Go Nox on your PC and you should see the same results below:

Pokemon Go Nox

Step 2 – click on [Guide] Very Detailed on Nox and Pokemon Go and read it and follow the instructions and you should be then able to join me in Melbourne playing Pokemon Go 🙂

Step 3 – DO NOT USE your current Google/Gmail account BUT create a new Google Account to play Pokemon Go at OwnedCore Emulator (or any emulator).

Actually, you can even download Pokemon Go BOTS and level up pretty fast but what’s the fun in that……

Update 14 August 2016 – Melbourne CBD is the best place on earth to play Pokemon Go which is the best FREE game ever designed.

I tell you, Pokemon Go is The Best Game ever designed so far and the reasons are as follows:
1. Pokemon Go is FREE! You do not need to spend a single sen to buy a game console or to purchase the game.
2. Playing Pokemon Go prolongs your life as it forces you to exercise (walk here and there) versus other games where we just sit and play all day long.
3. It bonds family and loved ones. For example along the Yarra River at Southbank/Crown Casino – my wife would be holding my arm while we stroll along the river and I would be busy catching Pokemons. I came across a young boy (GenZ aged about 5) who got excited telling his dad he caught a Magikarp and young GenY couples (boyfriend and girlfriend) playing Pokemon Go.
3.It’s educational too. It tells you the name of the landmark where the Poke Ball Stops/Stations are located.
And I think the best place on earth to play Pokemon Go is in Melbourne CBD (Central Business District).Refer to image below, every single Poke Stop near Melbourne Central has a Lure Module, i.e. every single Poke Stop someone is playing Pokemon Go.
Pokemon Go Melbourne CBD
There are plenty of Poke Ball Stops every where and with the FREE Tram rides, we can collect Poke Balls while riding the trams! And with the FREE tram rides, we can travel from North to South, West to East with ease to catch Pokemons. In my case, I have been taking the FREE Tram rides from my apartment to Yarra River (Filnders Train Station) and walked along the river to catch Magikarps, hahaha. FYI, we can catch Magikarps and other Pokemons inside Crown Casino too!!!
Once again, click on the link below to see my progress on Pokemon Go where I have won 61 battles (mostly at the Gym at Crown Casino), walked more than 100km (my fabulous cheapo China brand Android Phone allows “me” to run everywhere while I sit on my recliner chair in my apartment) and my Pokedex have registered 102 Pokemons out of 148.
Pokemon Go GenX Mid August 2016
Pokemon Go as of Mid August 2016

My strongest Pokemons as of Mid August 2016

Pokemon Go Gym Battles at Crown Casino Melbourne.jpg

My Gym battles mostly won at Gym in front of Crown Casino

Pokemon Go Pokedex Mid Ausgust 2016.jpg

My Pokedex as of Mid 2016 – 102 Pokemons caught out of 148

I wish you Happy Playing Pokemon Go.

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