GenX GenY GenZ Episode VIII – Reborn


Under this Facebook umbrella called GenX GenY GenZ and the pseudonym of GenX, the following blogs used to be in existence:

1. My Credit Cards @ Blogspot;
2. My Credit Cards @ WordPress;
3. Generations X Y Z @ Blogspot;
4. GenX GenY GenZ @ Blogspot;
5. GenX GenY GenZ @ WordPress;
6. GenX GenY GenZ Dotcom; and
7. GenX Spirits @ WordPress.

In mid 2016, I embarked on a new journey and subsequently announced that I would stop blogging. I then handed over this facebook page to a few selfless followers to post/share info that benefit all of us.

In order that I was not distracted from my new project to help others on an entirely different level, in May 2017, I took this Facebook Page and GenX GenY GenZ Dotcom offline and deleted all the other mentioned blogs above (thus I myself don’t have access to my old articles, hahaha). And by doing so. GenX was blown into oblivion and thus no longer existed!!!

Well, I have kind of achieved, sooner than expected, the intended objectives of my new project which I had set out to do more than one and a half years ago. But this does not mean that the fulfilling project I embarked on in 2016 is completed, far from it, I am now even busier than I ever was in the last few years.


However, an overwhelming <6000+ of my past followers kept pestering me, to be more exact actually less than 10 people, to produce another Malaysia’s Best Credit Card Comparison for 2018; so in order not to cause any long term detrimental emotional distress to myself (due to my followers’ pestering) and my followers (due to unlimited longing for my long winded articles), and because I’m Grateful to my followers and Love them, I have no choice but to be reborn from the outer rim of the universe and once again give light and life to GenX GenY GenZ, hahaha.

Therefore, I, nothing better to do GenX who is known to have an ultra sick imagination, super kiasu, “chiak pa tan si” and long winded, is BACK ONLINE and therefore, so is GenX GenY GenZ – Malaysia’s No.1 Unbiased, Independent, No Budget and Self Financing Website is back online to stupidly assist all super kiasi penyibuks who also happen to love freaking long winded comprehensive articles to earn more FREE pocket money, fly Business Class for FREE, burn money on non-durable material stuff and tips to avoid shit plus occasionally trying to brain wash you guys to spend away your children’s inheritance, hahaha.

So, it is my pleasure to present to you, my super duper Followers, your X’mas gift:

GenX GenY GenZ Episode VIII – Reborn.

My new home page is now “cleaner” minus links to all my previous blogs (since I no longer have access to them anymore, hahaha) and come 2018, you shall be presented with new articles. In the meantime, check out my home page by clicking here where I have updated my Fixed Deposit Promos Page at the Menu.

I may publish 2 complete new tutorials, i.e. Credit Cards Tutorial – CC 101 and Fixed Deposit Tutorial – FD 101 in the next few days so that you guys are up to speed before 1st Jan 2018.

GenX 25 By GenX

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