Earn More Cash Back On Top Of Cash Back From Your Credit Cards with Shopback

Earn Cash Back with Shopback – Recommended To Me By My Followers

Last year, a few of my Followers have been recommending that I sign up with Shopback when I purchase stuff or book hotels online. This is because I can earn some cash back if I have a Shopback Account. However, I am a very kiasu person and I had reservations as to how safe my personal details would be with Shopback.  Moreover, I don’t really shop much online.

What is Shopback?

If you google, below is a brief description of Shopback:

Shopback on Google

If you visit Shopback website, you’ll be amazed at how they practically offer cashback for most of the popular online shopping sites (e.g. Lazada, 11St, Taoboa, ebay, Zalora)  and many other services including Malaysia Airlines, online hotel booking sites (Agoda, Expedia, Hotels dotcom and AirAsiaGo where you get cash back for AirAsia tickets too), books (Kinokuniya and Book Depository), and etc, etc.

Shopback Travel Discount

ShopBack Online Best Cash Back

I Decided To Sign Up With Shopback

Last year (2017),  I have been wanting to get a new Sony Mirrorless A5100 and I noted that I could get one for less than RM1900 at 11St (in December 2017). And 11St was having a promo called Shocking Coupon (i.e. the more you spend, the more discount you will get). The recommended retail price of this camera is more than RM2.5K and I was quoted RM1,999 at MidValley back in October 2017.

11St Sony A5100

So, if I am going to spend RM1800 online, I thought I might as while earn some cash back via Shopback; therefore, I signed up with Shopback in December 2017.

On 12 December 2017, I bought the Sony A5100 at 11St as it was on sale for RM1799 and with 11St Shocking Coupon Promo, I was entitled to RM100 Discount Shopping Coupon. Therefore the final price of the Sony A5100 was RM1705 (RM1699 + RM6 shipping).

So the camera I purchased was on sale for RM1799 on 12 December 2017 and with the RM100 Shocking Coupon, I only need to pay RM1699 (excl shipping RM6). Which is like getting a discount of 5.5%

Below images before and after applying the “Shocking Coupon” at 11St:

Sony A5100 at 11 St without coupon 12 Dec Sale 1

Sony A5100 at 11 St with coupon 12 Dec Sale 2

Sony A5100 at 11 St Final Price with Coupon 3

And since 11St accepts American Express Cards, I used my wonderful Maybank 2 Cars Premier AMEX Reserve at 11St to earn 1,700 Enrich Miles or Kris Flyer Miles or Asia Miles. This also means that you can use the Maybank KrisFlyer AMEX and potentially earn yourself 1 KF Mile for every RM1 spent too.

Purpose of this post is to share with you guys 11St Discount Coupon where you may save more than what is offered by so called 15% discount with cap of RMx.

And I earned RM6.80 from Shopback for the purchase (please refer image below); therefore, I effectively paid less than RM1699 for the Sony A5100.

Shopback casback for Sony A5100

The official retail price of the Sony A5100 is RM2,599 (refer attached photo). Thus, I kind of “save” RM900 by purchasing the Sony A5100 at 11St versus at Sony Malaysia.

Sony A5100 Official Retail Price

And guess what, it is truly unbelievable! The next morning after I purchase the Sony A5100 via 11St, I received the Sony A5100 via Poslaju!! WOW! This is like super express delivery.

Sony A5100 price less than RM1700 from 11ST

SAMSUNG NOTE FE FOR RM1909 via 11ST again with RM100 Discount Coupon

As of 1st January 2018), I was considering getting the Samsung Note SE because my regular mobile phone dealer was selling it for RM2090.

On, 6th January 2018 (at 00.12), I log on to my Shopback Account and then click on the 11St link, to ensure that if I do purchase the Samsung Note FE at 11St, the purchase will be captured by Shopback and I will then get some cash back.

Shop 11St Click

To my surprise, 11St was offering RM100 Discount Coupon for Electronics and Mobiles. And there was a seller selling the Samsung Note FE for RM2,009 with FREE Shipping too. So, I downloaded the RM100 Discount Coupon and without hesitation bought myself a new Samsung Note FE.

Samsung FE Shocking Deal 11St


11st Shopping Coupon RM100

11St Samsung FE with RM100 Discount Coupon

Therefore, the final price I paid using my Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve was RM1909 🙂 Thus I saved about RM181 compared to if I were to buy from my regular phone dealer (who only accepts Visa or MasterCard) and also importantly earned myself 1,900 Enrich Miles or KrisFlyer Miles or Asia Miles because I could use my AMEX Reserve at 11St.

And because I sign on to Shopback and then only visited 11ST via the link at Shopback, I earned myself RM7.64 FREE money from the Samsung Note FE purchase. Thus effectivly I paid only RM1901.36 for my new Samsung Note FE 🙂

Shopback Cash Back for Samsung FE Jan 2018


The next day after I bought the Samsung Note FE via 11St, I received an SMS stating that I have registered my new Samsung Note FE!!! I have not even received the phone but the Seller registered the warranty on my behalf 🙂

Samsung Warranty

I received the Samsung Note FE on Thursday 11 January via PosLaju. Once again, I ordered the phone on Saturday (6/1/18) early morning. SMS on Warranty (7/1/18) and received phone on (11/1/18) or within 4 working days. Pretty good I must say.

Below are photos of my new Samsung Note FE

Samsung Note FE Unboxing 1

Samsung Unboxing 2

This does look like a brick, hahaha

Samsung Note FE Unboxing 2

Seal was unbroken. Note the Samsung warranty at the upper left of the box.

Samsung Note FE Unboxing 3

Original Malaysia Set


Samsung Note FE Unboxing 5

Seal was unbroken. 100% New

Samsung Note FE Unboxing 6

FREE Original Samsung Cover on the Right


Shopback Referral Program

If you are a Maxis customer, I am pretty sure they have been spamming you with SMSes asking you to sign up with Shopback. This is because Shopback has a referral program where one can earn some FREE cash.

Shopback Referal Program

And if you sign up via my link, I too can earn FREE CASH credited directly into my bank account 🙂

Too bad for me, most of you guys are smarter than me and would have signed up with Shopback ages ago earning yourself FREE money. If by any chance if you have yet to sign up with Shopback, well it’s really easy. All you need to do is – please click My Referral Link here and complete the signing up process in less than 1 minute where all you need to do is key in your email address and create a password. That’s it. And best of all, YOU will be entitled to Bonus Free Money for simply signing up and completing your banking details (i.e. where you want your cash back to be credited).

Once again, below is my referral link:


So far, a few of my Followers, have signed up using my referral link. Zillion Thanks to each and every one of you my Bros & Sis. However, only those who signed using their email was registered in my Shopback records. Two persons using their Facebook Account went missing and was not registered on my referral account. I thought I share this info with you guys who intend to share your referral link with others to earn FREE money for them and yourself too 🙂

Hopefully more of you will sign up with Shopback via my Referral Link so that the income from it can be used to subsidize the cost of maintaining this blog which cost me USD99/per with WordPress.com

Thank you for reading this Advertisement, hahahahahaha.

Oh, by the way, I made my daughter (who spends lots of money on online shopping) Sign Up with Shopback too using my referral link so that she can earn FREE cash and I myself RM5 too. I then asked her to purchase a book at Book Depository for me and I am so happy that Book Depository accepts AMEX too.

UPDATE 12 Jan 2018

Zillion thanks to you guys who registered with Shopback using my referral link. One of my Followers who did Sign Up with Shopback using my referral link earned herself more than RM600 in less than a month with Shopback!!! WOW! I can’t comprehend how she managed to get so much in cash back in such a short duration, one thing for sure, she’s a super smart lady (a medical doctor) and must have figured out how to maximize cash back from Shopback 🙂

Shopback 600 2



I wanted to get a printer and a notebook for a Centre that helps people for FREE. So I asked my Followers for their advise – Click here to read my article titled I Need Your Expertise Please – And Maybe Your Generosity Too.

After reading all the advised and comments by my freaking helpful followers, I decided to get the Epson L360 (3 in 1 Printer, Scanner and Copier) for the Cetnre. So I checked out 11St as usual.

First thing first at 11St is that you must go search and download all the relevant discount vouchers. Below are the vouchers applicable on 11th May for the Epson Printer that I was intending to buy.

11 St Coupons

11 St Shipping Coupons11St 11th Day Coupons

After checking out all the offers on the Epson Printer, i decided to purchase from a Seller that goes by the name IT Comp which is classified as a Power Seller. More importantly this seller, IT Comp, specifically stated that the printer comes with Original Ink. Some other seller do not mentioned that the printer they are selling comes with ink and one or two of them comes with “imitation” ink.

Epson L360 with ink

For your information, this seller also advertised at Lazada where the price is higher at RM465 but the Shipping Cost lower at RM7.50. So total cost at Lazada fot the Epson printer is RM472.50 which is about the same as RM472.18 at 11St by the same seller.

Epson L360 with ori ink nefore discount

Before Applying Discount Vouchers

Epson L360 final price at 11St

I downloaded many discount vouchers but only applied the ones that gave me lowest price

Epson L360 with ink order complete at 11st

Order Completed where I used my Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve and this earned myself 440 KrisFlyer Miles or Enrich Miles 🙂

And because I Log On to my Shopback Account and then clicked on the link to 11St at Shopback, I earned FREE money… not much RM1.32 only for paying RM439.78 for the Epson Printer at 11St……but it is still FREE money.

Shopback free money


Once again, below is my referral link (please use your email to sign up and never use Facebook Account):


And if you guys do earn like more than RM188 in less than a month after signing up with shop back, donate to me lah a pack of fags, hahaha.