Mission No.1 – Your Imminent Action Is Required

Malaysians taxpayers are very generous where we happily agree to help out those earning less than RM3K in household income by supplementing them up to RM1,200 for essential expenses in 2018 under a scheme called BR1M.

And for your generosity, all hard working Malaysians taxpayers, you are blessed in return where GenX GenY GenZ dotcom trains you to be Cash Back Credit Card Jedi Masters resulting you earning no less than RM160 per month in cash back (RM1,920 per year) with RM1,650 spending on your essential expenses by utilizing the wonderful Maybank 2 Cards AMEX and Maybank Petronas Visa, hahaha. And it is also only fair that we all thank Maybank too 🙂

I hope my tutorials on Malaysia’s Best Cash Back Credit Cards, i.e. FREE Credit Card Tutorial CC 101 and Lesson No.1 to No.11 have benefited all of you. If you are new to my blog, please click on the link below to my Malaysia’s Best Cash Back Credit Card Page and to start earning FREE Pocket Money:

Malaysia Best Cash Back Credit Cards 2018

I thank you for your support in reading my articles and I hope you continue to do so in the future. And you can start by sending this email to Maybank Customer Service to support me….. just copy and paste and at the end simply key in your name and IC No.

Letter of Support to Maybank

To Y.Bhg Datuk CEO Maybank,

Firstly, I would like to personally thank the Management and Staff of Maybank for being so generous to assist us, the Rakyat, in coping with the ever increasing high cost of living by offering the wonderful Maybank 2 Cards AMEX, Maybank Ikhwan Petronas Visa, Maybank Ikhwan MasterCard and Maybank FC Barcelona. And a special note of appreciation to all the staff at your Credit Card Customer Service Department which is second to none. I also thank Maybank which is the only bank in Malaysia that provides Toll Free Customer Service to its Entry Level Credit Card holders. SYABAS!

The main reason why I’m writing this email to you Datuk CEO, is that I hereby instruct you to compensate the fabulous selfless (but I must add stupid) GenX @ www.GenXGenYGenZ.com for all the hard work he has been slaving for Maybank for FREE!!! GenX has been promoting your bank’s credit cards for years and it is because of his stupidity doing it for FREE that I applied for Maybank credit cards and earning more than RM2K in FREE pocket money every year.

In respect to the above mentioned paragraph, I hope you take immediate actions to compensate GenX, i.e. no less than RM88K; because I’m not willing to donate RM1 to him. It is not that I kedekut to contribute RM1 to the maintenance of his blog but I follow my Sifu GenX teachings to the dot….. FREE IS THE BEST!

For GenX’s Bank Account number, please contact GenX yourself at his Facebook Account because he so kiasu he won’t share it with me.

Sekian, jutaan jutaan jutaan jutaan jutaan jutaan juataan dan jutaan (Zillion) terima kasih.

Saya Yang Mengikut Arahan GenX Buta-Buta,



To those of you who followed my arahan buta-buta, ZILLION THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT 🙂

For those of you who refused to follow my arahan buta-buta, well, I guess I will need to do more convincing, hahaha.