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Malaysia Best Cash Back Credit Cards 2018 – Lesson No.10 & No.11

Before you read the contents of this review, it is imperative you start from the very beginning, i.e. take My FREE Credit Card Tutorial 2018 followed by Lesson No.1 to No.9 listed in my CASH BACK Page.

If you fail/refuse to follow the above recommendation, you may be blur as to what I am about to present below.

Once again I will combine 2 cards into one post. The Standard Chartered Bank Cash Back credit cards below were highlighted to me by my Friends/Followers and they are actually pretty good depending on your needs.

Standard Chartered Bank Just One Platinum MasterCard Review – Lesson No.10

Standard Chartered Bank Jusr One Review 2018

The StanChart Just One Platinum is an entry level credit card where one only needs RM24K p.a. income, which is good. BUT the annual fee is RM265! Annual Fee of RM265 for an Entry Level credit  card?!! The good news is, effective 18 August 2018, the annual fee will be waived if you spend RM20K per year with it.

Wait! Read the above paragraph again…. minimum income requirement RM24K to be eligible for the SCB Just One MasterCard but in order to get the annual fee auto waived we need to spend RM20K!!! WTF. How does one earning RM24K p.a. able to spend RM20K per year with a credit card? If SCB really wants to be sincere, they should set the spending criteria for the annual fee to be waived at a more reasonable amount, for example RM5K or swipe 12X per year. So, this card is only for those who can spend RM20K, to be more exact RM30K per year and you will find out why very soon.

StanChart advertised that you will get up to 15% cash back with the Just One Platinum – this is pure bull shit. The maximum cash back you can earn from the Just One Platinum is 3.4%.


The Cash Back you can earn from the Just One Plat is based on tiers. Below contents are copied (screenshot) from SCB website and my comments are in red:

Standard Chartered Bank Jusr One Cash Back Tiers

If you refer to the above, you can observe that the Just one Platinum is only good if you spend exactly RM2.5K and earn 3.4% in cash back. Any less and you would end up earning close to 1% cash back.

All you need to know is that you are entitled to the so called  “15%” cash back for Auto Bill Payments, Online and Petrol. Oh, I should also highlight a very important fact – Government and Charity related transactions are not counted towards the minimum spend of RM2,500 to be eligible for the max cash back of RM85.

So What is Auto Bill? The following clause was copied from SCB Just One Plat Terms and Conditions:

Auto bill spend

Your database which is kept by the bank and MasterCard would be use to defined auto bill spend**. Auto bill comprises of recurring bill payment from Insurance, Telco and Utilities as defined in Further Information section below.

From the above clause, your auto debit monthly insurance premiums should be eligible for the bull shit 15% cash back (max effective cash back you can earn is 3.4%). And best if you transact exactly RM2.5K per month, not a sen more or not a sen less to maximize your cash back % returns.

Below is the actual cash back you will earn from your auto debit insurance premiums based on max cash back of RM85:

RM2500 per month ==> RM85/RM2500 ==> 3.4% Cash Back
RM3000 per month ==> RM85/RM3000 ==> 2.83% Cash Back

RM4000 per month ==> RM85/RM4000 ==> 2.125% Cash Back

From the above, it can be observed that you will be earning less in cash back once the amount exceeds RM2,500. Actually, with the monthly cap of RM85, it is stupid of anyone to use their Just One Platinum and pay (via auto bill/debit) their insurance premiums for any amount more than RM2501!!!

So if you are paying several insurance premiums, once the combined amount of your insurance premiums touch RM2500, you should use another credit card for the balance amount and earn more.

So, in a nut shell, the Stan Chart Just One Platinum may be good for the following options:

Option 1 – Monthly expenses where payments/transactions are via Auto Debit – combination of Utility Bills + Telco Bills + Insurance Premiums totaled up just above RM2.5K

Option 2 – Your Utility Bill(s) (payments/transactions via Auto Debit) is just above RM2.5K

Option 3 – Your Insurance Premium(s) (payments/transactions via Auto Debit) is just above RM2.5K

Option 4 – You need another credit card for Online Purchases for amounts just above RM2.5K. Please note that there are other cards that earns you much more than 3.4% for Online Transactions, e.g. Public Bank Visa Signature (Lesson No.6), Maybank 2 Cards AMEX (Credit Card Tutorial – CC 101) and etc.

For petrol, there are FREE FOR LIFE credit cards that earn you guaranteed 5% cash back, e.g. Maybank 2 Gold/Plat Cards AMEX (Credit Card Tutorial  – CC 101) and Maybank Ikwan MasterCard (Lesson No.3).

And to entice you to sign up for the Just One Plat, SCB will pay you RM100 FREE Money by you simply activating your new card within 45 days from the date of approval.

Standard Chartered Bank Gold Cash Back MasterCard Review – Lesson No.11

Standard Chartered Bank Liverpool Cash Back MasterCard

Update November 2018, This card has been rebranded as Liverpool Cash Back MasterCard, click here to read more.

Update: Effective 1 June 2018, this card has been rebranded as Platinum Cash Back.

Standard Chartered Bank Gold Cash Back MasterCard Review 2018

Annual Fee RM185.

And just like the StanChart Just One Platinum, this Gold Cash Back MasterCard is an entry level credit card where one only needs RM24K p.a. income. How come Platinum and Gold same annual income requirement? But just like the Just One, SCB requires you to spend RM20K per year with it for the annual fee to be waived!!!

This card was first introduced to me by a Friend/Follower months ago to inform that he earned RM50 with RM1500 spending. That’s about 3.33%. And while I was drafting the Just One Review above, another Friend/Follower highlighted to me again that this card is good. So I decided to add it to my Malaysia’s Best Cash Back Credit Card 2018 list.

SCB Cash Back CC Tier

From the above, this card does earn you minimum 2% cash back for most type of transaction!!! If you note, it states that retail spending excludes Insurance and Petrol. So how about Government related transactions?

I checked SCB website on their Gold Cash Back Credit Cards T&C and noted below:

6) Meaning of words CashBack Gold MasterCard eans the Standard Chartered Cash Back Gold MasterCard Credit Card.
cashback transactions means all retail purchases (local and international) but excludes all types of transactions made at petrol stations or petrol kiosks including purchases of petrol, and any type of insurance payments.

Therefore, this SCB Gold Cash Back MasterCard should earn you cash back from Government related transactions!!! A Friend/Follower did confirm with me that he does receive cash back from his PTPTN repayments using the SCB Gold Cash Back MasterCard!!!

So, basically the StanChart Gold Cash Back MasterCard is really good for spending up to RM1.5K per month.


If you do have insurance premiums totaling RM2.5K, the Just One Platinum is very good.

For all expenses except for Insurance, the SCB Gold MasterCard is pretty good if you have maxed out your other credit cards that earn you 5% cash back and damn freaking good for Government related transactions.

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