Prelude To The Ancient Technique To Earn FREE Money with Credit Cards


First and foremost, I truly thank you all for your support.

Secondly, I wish to put on record that I am not an expert on credit cards but it is you guys, my Friends and Followers, who feed/update me with info on credit cards and fixed deposit promos and I simply share it with the world by presenting a simple thing into a freaking long article, hahaha.

For example:

Mr. Loh highlighted to me that PB VS Cash Back cap was reduced to RM38 starting on 1st January 2018 even before I started to draft the review on it. He then also highlighted to me that he earned cash back with the SCB Gold Cash Back credit card for his PTPTN repayments and that’s why I decided at the last minute to do a review on the SCB Cash Back Gold Credit Card.

Mr. Lee informed that he did not receive SMS Alerts for transactions related to PayWave. I then did further research and published a new article titled SMS Alert Updates 2018.

Ms. Lee taught me the benefits of the AEON Big credit card back in 2016. And on 10 January 2018, she once again informed me that she received 5% cash back for paying her MBPJ Cukai Taksiran via Online with her Public Bank Quantum Credit Card!!!

Mr. Lye who updates me on almost all banks’ Fixed Deposit Promos very often.

And many others on other matters that benefit everyone of us which I then pick and choose to share with the world. So combining all the knowledge of my selfless Followers who willingly share info with me for FREE, GenX GenY  GenZ is then able to effectively assist all Malaysians for FREE.  So, basically, GenX GenY GenZ is community of selfless educated people who love to read long freaking articles and explore/research further on matters that enrich ourselves.

Well, one particular Follower actually took the time to message me via FB after I relaunched this blog and I was blown away by what she shared with me, i.e. she earned about RM2K in cash back with a single credit card product in 2017 that had a monthly cash back of RM50!!! I have since acknowledged her as my newest Sifu 🙂 Below is what my Sifu’s earned from a particular cash back credit card:

Sifu Cash Back 2017

From the above, you can see for yourself that my Sifu earned more than RM2.5K in cash back with RM20,068.38 spending – that’s 12.65% Cash Back!!! It’s all FREE MONEY!!!

However, as you are aware, credit cards’ issuers revise the terms and conditions of their cards every year and reduce their cards’ benefits. Therefore, some technique used by my Sifu for the past years may be ancient history. But not to be despair because yours truly have re-engineered the ancient technique for you to earn more free money for today’s cash back warfare 🙂

Without further ado, I hereby request all my STAR apprentices who have successfully passed my trial missions to click here and start your training on the Ancient Technique by True Cash Back Jedi Masters to Earn More FREE Money.

Young Jedi Cash Back War FB