Terms and Conditions To Read ARTicles at GenX GenY GenZ

By you clicking on any links to GenX GenY GenZ and/or inserting any password provided, you acknowledgment you agree to all the terms and conditions below and you waive all whatsoever rights to whatever GenX decides:


“ARTicle” or “ARTicles”  or “articles” means work produced by GenX’s sick imagination.

“I” means you, the person who is reading this and all articles at GenX GenY GenZ.

“Toy Boy” is equivalent to Kent.

“China Doll” is equivalent to Barbie.

“Sick Imagination” means whatever it means.

“GenX” means yours truly and his approved agents.

“Reader/Follower” means you.


All ARTicles published at GenX GenY GenZ are protected under the relevant copyright laws of planet earth. Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution ot copying of any GenX’s article(s) will most probably not result in any civil liability and criminal prosecution.

No person or entity associated with GenX’s article(s) received any form of payment or anything of value or entered into any agreement. But tobacco products, i.e. Marlboro Lights/Gold had to be burned so that the deadly smoke and chemicals consumed by GenX brain enhance the author’s sick imagination.

No animals or stunt persons were harmed in the making of any GenX’s articles.

No identification with actual persons, places, building and products (except Marlboro Lights/Gold) is intended or should be inferred.

All characters and/or names in GenX’s ARTicles are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is a miracle.


I, (imaging your name here), hereby declared that I am an educated person who is fully competent to differentiate/discrepate between good news, fantastic news, bad news, fake news, fake news to counter news and fake news to counter fake news. I hereby also declare that I fully understand that ALL ARTicles produced and published by GenX are purely fictitious.

However, since I am a “penyibuk”, I wish to enter GenX’s sick imagination to get away from the daily stress life has to offer. Moreover, I am grateful to GenX for wasting his time producing wonderful ARTicles for FREE (of no value) and love to read his freaking long winded ARTicles as they are FREE entertainment instead of wasting my money going clubbing or playing with Toy Boys/China Dolls (Kent/Barbie).

Sign: (Imaging you signing here). If you cannot imaging, it also means you have signed when you read this.

Date: Now and forever.


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