The Guide To The Ultimate Benefit Of Owning Credit Cards – Part I


I have been blogging about credit cards and life in general for about 8 years. Almost all my articles at GenX GenY GenZ have something relating to credit cards or money. And over the years, many people have benefited from my articles and a few of them are truly grateful where they have either bought me lunch or donated some money towards the maintenance cost of my blog(s).  I also have many generous and equally crazy followers who are so grateful that they give me FREE Money without expecting anything in return. And I can’t thank enough those who have written to Maybank demanding that they compensate me for promoting Maybank credit cards for years, hahaha.

What I can tell you is many who have read my articles on the fabulous Maybank 2 Cards Premier are extremely grateful to me and many are now my Die Hard Supporters. Those who held Citibank PremierMiles and switched to the fabulous Maybank 2 Cards Premier have benefited from my teachings and are now getting much much more in returns, to the extend some of them are now teaching me how to fly FIRST CLASS for FREE!!! If they were still using their Citibank PremierMiles, most probably they will only get to redeem return Economy Class tickets for 2 pax to Europe which is kind of a waste of time as we can get really cheap tickets during sale periods anyway.

Basically, my credit card followers can be categorized to be either Cash Back Fans or Air Miles Fans.


For Cash Back Fans, these group of people would have benefited from my many articles on the wonderful Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards where the AMEX earns us up to RM600 guaranteed Cash Back per year on any type of transactions including government and insurance.

For most, groceries and petrol constitute a major part of our expenses. Combine the Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum with the Maybank Ikhwan MasterCard and the card holder can earn up to RM1200 guaranteed cash back per year from almost all our essential expenses.

Besides the wonderful Maybank 2 Gold/Plat Cards, I have also written many articles on Hong Leong Bank Wise Visa and Public Bank Visa Signature. I know a few followers who hold more than 1 HLB WISE and PBB VS (they will use their family members’ names)… just to earn FREE pocket money, hahaha.

On top of Cash Back, over the years I have also taught many people how to earn “pocket money” from 0% Balance Transfer and 0% Installment Plans if they have the money in hand to pay in full for their purchases. However, nowadays I hardly recommend this method to earn some pocket money because:

  1. Both the 0% Balance Transfer Plan and 0% Installment Plan are debt instruments. Simply put – it is not a good thing. I.e. avoid debts if you want to be rich. This is the ultimate principal of all rich china men. I can tell you, if you forgo this principal, you will never be rich because your sub-conscious  mind has accepted the fact that debt is acceptable and that’s not a good thing!
  2. Both the 0% Balance Transfer Plan and 0% Installment Plan will give you the impression that you have more money than you actually have because you fail to deduct the money still owing when calculating your net worth. Therefore, it will result in you spending more than you otherwise would. I tell you, the banks designed 0% BT Plans not to help you but to entice you to spend more!
  3. What you can earn from 0% Balance Transfer or 0% Installment Plans are just pocket money. The moment shit happens (worst case scenario – you are in a coma due to whatever reason) where you can’t repay the 0% “loan(s)” as scheduled, you will be imposed freaking high interest rate. And believe me, shit happens. Not only will you be in deep shit, but you may even pull your loved ones into your shit!

Well, for those of you who are into cash back and Balance Transfer, basically whatever pocket money you earn from utilizing these credit cards “benefits” will never make any difference to your life in the long run.

You may ask – Why? This is because you will eventually burn the pocket money earned from your credit cards on some non-durable stuff!

You  may ask – what stuff am I talking about? Well, for example:

  • Eating out  at air conditioned restaurants – Western, Korean, Japanese, etc instead of One Ton Mee at the roadside.
  • Driving to work instead of taking the bus.
  • Buying an Alphard, BMW, Camry, MBenz, Myvi, Vios, etc instead of Perodua Axia.
  • Buying an Apple Phone or Samsung high end phone (S or Note series) instead of a smartphone costing less than RM1K (example Xioami).
  • Fashion – Shoes (Nike instead of Bata) and Clothes (Branded instead of Pasar Pagi).
  • For the ladies – makeup and beauty treatments.
  • For the men – happy hour and liquor.
  • Sending your child to a private school instead of FREE schooling provided by the government.
  • Flying here and there with RM0 AirAsia tickets instead of staying at home and reading FREE articles at GenX GenY GenZ, hahaha.

Yah, yah, I know, what I mentioned above is part of our lifestyle and the norm today for all of us who are graduates. The point I am making is whatever pocket money you earn from cash back or BT will make no difference to your life in the long run as you will eventually burn it all away. That is why I engineered a “Hack to Allow You to See Your Wealth Grow and Grow with Cash Back Credit Cards” so that you do not burn away the cash back you earned, hahaha.

Like I mentioned in my article, Be Prepared for Tomorrow So That You Can Sleep Soundly, the secret to being rich is not how much you earn but how much you save.

So my dear followers who are Cash Back Fans, what I am about to tell you below will be much more beneficial to you than owning any cash back credit cards:

IF you are earning say minimum RM3K per month, if you can save 10% of your monthly salary (excluding EPF), it means you have “earned” yourself RM300 for your retirement fund. This is definitely much more than any cash back you can earn per month for credit cards assuming you do spend RM3K with credit cards! IF you can save 20% of your monthly salary, that is RM600 per month or RM7,200 per year! And how much cash back can you earn per year with the Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Plat? Like I said, cash back earned from credit cards are just pocket money.

So young GenYs, get into the habit of saving 20% of your monthly salary immediately and in due time you and your spouse will not have much pressure when you need to pay the down payment for your first home. And if Maybank falls below RM4, you will then have the cash reserve to buy buy buy and make tons of money 🙂 If you are new to my blog, I recommend that you click here now and read my article titled LIFE.

For those of you who earn less than RM5K per month, your lesson does not end here but instead click here for more FREE Tutorials


Like I mentioned in my article Malaysia Household Expenditure, before all the card issuers stop rewarding us with meaningful returns, I have decided to teach my Die Hard Supporters who do spend RM5K per month, the Ultimate Benefit Of Owning Credit Cards.

For those of you who have benefited from my teachings by first signing up for the wonderful Maybank 2 Gold/Plat Cards and then maybe followed with signing up for the fabulous Maybank 2 Cards Premier, very soon you will be taught what combination of cards you should have in your wallet so that you will gain an invaluable memory that you will be able to brag and brag about for the rest of your lives – that is if you are not stubborn but follow my instructions buta-buta, hahaha.

And the first step is that you need to satisfy all the requirements in respect to my facebook post dated 6th April 2018. If you have been buta-buta following my instructions, you would have been given a password to my coming protected articles to be published this month.

For those of you who have been granted the password, you will need to use it for Part II which will be published very soon so that you can absorb the materials to be presented over the weekend.

However, before I go and tell you what credit cards to hold to attain the Ultimate Benefit, first I am going to reiterate to you that life is a big LPPL, i.e. Lan Pa, Pa Lan (or in English – Bang Balls). Reason is because all of us are trying to save our hard earned money so that our children will have a better future. Thus, we are sacrificing “shiok sendiri” moments on ourselves. So, without further ado, please click here to read (reread) my article on – The Secret To Eternal Happiness. Scroll down and read two of the following sub-sections:

  • Making Other People Richer
  • Are You Ranked In The Top 1%, 10% or 50% Richest Person On Earth.

The reason why I am making you guys read the above (again for some of you) is to imprint into your mindset that you are in the top 10% richest people on earth and it is time you reward yourself instead of saving your hard earn money which will eventually be spent by someone else.

And in Part III, you will know why I made you guys declare that you will not share the password with your partner(s), because I am rewarding you and if you share what I am about to teach you, you most probably may not get the Ultimate Benefit Of Owning Credit Cards, hahahaha.