TPG ADSL2+ with TP-Link Archer D9 AC1900 Modem Router Review


I have been using TPG ADSL Broadband for about 5 years in my apartment in Melbourne CBD. My plan is the Unlimited Data with Home Phone were I have been paying AUD59.99 per month for years.

Generally I am happy with TPG service, i.e. their Customer Service is pretty helpful. However, I must point out that, years ago, I had to pay AUD100 to get a technician to come to my apartment block for it to be connected to my unit (it only took him 10 minutes to do the connection).

For the past 5 years I have been using a D-Link Modem Router, which I bought for about AUD50,  with the TPG ADSL2+

D-Link Modem Router

Gadgets Connected Via Wifi

 Below are the list of gadgets that are connected to my apartment wifi:

  • Myself – 3 Android smartphones, 1 iPad and 1 PC notebook.
  • Wifey – an Apple iPhone and iPad.
  • Children – 3 Apple iPhones, 2 iPads, 2 MacBook Airs and 1 Gaming PC notebook.
  • 1 PC Notebook for general use.
  • 1 HP Wifi Printer – this is damn useful for iPad where you can print via WiFi.
  • 1 Smart TV.

Altogether,  up to 18 gadgets may be connected to my home wifi.

The D-Link Modem Router, shown above, which I bought for about AUD50 is actually pretty good considering that it has been working non-stop for the last 5 years!!!

However, for the past year, I have been facing WiFi issues after I bought a new notebook with Solid State Drive. The connection to my new notebook will just go dead occasionally and I couldn’t connect to the internet again unless I restarted my notebook!!! This is really irritating especially when I am in the midst of drafting an article for my blog. Without internet connection, my draft won’t be auto saved by WordPress.

My second son, a gaming addict, on the other hand would “reboot” the D-Link Modem Router practically everyday (more than once) as the internet connection speed is so freaking slow that it disrupted his gaming sessions, hahaha.

The Search For The Perfect Modem Router for TPG Broadband

I know for a fact that the drop in wifi connection to my notebook or slow connection speed for my son’s gaming needs has nothing to do with TPG Broadband speed because my daughters can stream Korean K-Pop videos flawlessly with their MacBooks or iPads.

With respect to the above said paragraphs, I suspected that maybe my D-Link Modem Router has served its purpose and it is time to get a new modem that is able to satisfy my family’s thirst for high speed data connection.

So, I went googling and from the little time I spent reading here and there, I concluded that the best Modem Router for my needs, i.e. TPG ADSL2+, is the ASUS DSL-AC68U Dual Band Modem Router.

Asus DSL-AC68U AC1900 Dual Band Modem Router


However, the cheapest ASUS DSL-AC68U Modem Router that I can find cost around AUD275. I am not going to spend so much on a modem router, worse come to worst I will just reboot my D-Link Modem Router or restart my notebook, which cost me nothing, hahaha.

So, by using google, I managed to find a review that stated that the TP-Link Archer D9 Dual Band Modem Router has similar specs to the ASUS DSL-AC68U. When both of these products were first launched, they were selling for above AUD300.

To my surprise, I can get a unit of the TP-Link Archer D9 for less than ADU150 at ebay Australia. FYI, Officeworks, as of April 2018, is selling it for AUD188.

I think the reason the price of the TP-Link Archer D9 has dropped substantially is because it is not NBN compatible unlike the ASUS DSL-AC68U which is NBN ready (where the price has yet to drop significantly since it was first launched years ago). However, since I am living in an apartment in Melbourne Central Business District, NBN is not expected to be available until year 2020. Therefore, it makes no difference to me if my modem router is NBN ready or not. And by year 2020, most probably I could get a better specs modem router.

Tp-Link Archer D9 ebay Australia 2

So, I decided to get the TP=Link Archer D9 Dual Bank Modem Router. I decided to purchase it from a seller that goes by the name of “shallothead” who had eBayPremium Service and the parcel could be delivered to Woolworths/BigW so that I can pick it up at my convenience.

So happened on that day, I had a 10% discount code from ebay too. So I ended up paying AUD121.50 for the TP-Link Modem Router.

Tp-Link Archer D9 ebay Australia.jpg

I ordered the TP-Link Modem Router on 12 April 2018 at 2:40am in the morning. On 17th April 2018, I received an email and SMS at around 2pm from eBay giving me the “Code” to collect my parcel at Big W QV Melbourne, a day earlier than estimated.

Tp-Link Archer D9 Dual Band AC1900 Front Box

Tp-Link Archer D9 Dual Band AC1900 Box Rear

Tp-Link Archer D9 Dual Bank Modem Router for TPG adsl

Setting Up the TP=Link Archer D9 Modem Router to TPG ADSL

Setting up was fairly easy, just follow the instructions. However, in order to connect to TPG Broadband, I needed to key in my TPG Username and Password which I had forgotten. So I called TPG Customer Service and after some verification steps, I was told my username and the password was sent via SMS to my mobile.


I have been using the TP-Link Archer D9 Modem Router for the last two days and I must say that I am very very very happy with it. So far the WiFi connection to my PC Notebook has not dropped/disconnect which is like a miracle, hahaha.

The wifi connection is so freaking good that no one is facing any issues. However, there is a set back in me using the TP-Link Archer D9, I get less opportunity to see my second son as he now gets to play his online games non-stop in his room and no longer needs to come to the living room occasionally to reboot the router, hahaha.