I Need Your Expertise Please – And Maybe Your Generosity Too

I am doing volunteering work at a Centre in KL where everyone of us are volunteers [the Centre Directors, Teachers/Instructors (English, Line Dancing, Yoga, etc), Western Trained Doctors, Traditional & Complementary Medicine (Chinese & Indian), Beautician, Dieticians, Admin staff, Tea Lady, Cooks (they provide FREE makan to all), etc] all work for FREE for the benefit of the community for FREE.

Everything at the Centre are donated by generous people including the construction of the single storey building itself.

However, they don’t have a computer and one of the Director (she is a salaried woman working for others besides being a mother) has to do all the paper work at home  and print out all the necessary documents. Besides her having to fork up the cost of the ink and paper, she has to sacrifice her time too instead of bonding with her family. Therefore, I am thinking of getting the Centre a “cheap laptop” and printer so that the Admin staff can help the poor over worked Director on some paper work.

I just check out a few notebooks and would like your advise and feedback.

Option 1 – Lenovo 14″ Pentium with 128GB SSD

With SSD, the notebook can start up pretty quick. However, this model is 14″ and since most of us volunteers are not young , a 15″ would be better I guess.

Lenovo 14 SSD


Option 2 – Lenovo 15″ Also With 128GB SSD

The model below is 15″ but I think it is a older model. The Pro is that it is a i5 and comes with Microsoft Office Pro 2016 (thus saving cost to get Microsoft Office).

Lenovo 15 SSD.jpg

Option 3 – Acer 15″ Celeron

This model is cheap for a 15″ BUT it is a Celeron. They don’t need a fast processor as mainly for text/documents only. However, long long ago I got my daughter a Celeron and I just hated it as it was damn freaking slow.

Acer Celeron 15

Option 4 – ASUS 15″ Celeron

This model lagi cheaper than the ACER above. I have 3 ASUS notebook without graphic card over the last decade  and they last forever.

Asus Celeron 15

Your Advise/Comment Please

1. What do you think of the four models above and is there a better one to consider. Best below RM1.5K. All the dour models’ price are from 11St.

2, What printer should I get where the ink cost will be minimal. Like I said, everything at the Centre is donated and ink cost can run into thousands of Ringgit over the years.

Please comment at my Facebook post.

Your Generosity Is Most Welcome

If you do own a shop selling computers or you work for one, it would be great if you can donate a notebook or even a desktop plus printer to the Centre.

Or, if you have a stationary shop, they would be most grateful if you can donate folders, papers and whatever required for them to create files for their patients who are seeking treatment there.

If you need more info, please Message me at my Facebook.

Thank You very much for your time for reading the above.


UPDATE 12 May 2018

Below was my FB post (deleted) asking for help:

Fb Post 10 May


I am so grateful to my followers who took the trouble to comment/reply to my SOS calling above:

Comments 1

Comments 2

Comments 3.jpg


After reading and absorbing all the comments above, I decided that I will get the Epson L360 and I bought it via 11St and shared it at my FB again:

FB post 11 May


Update 22 May 2018

Well, the Epson printer I bought from 11St arrived on 17th May 2017 and I collected the gaming laptop from my follower on 19 May 2018.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my generous follower who donated his gaming notebook to the centre where I’m doing volunteering work at . I tell you, how I wish I could keep the unit for myself, hahaha. It’s a freaking slim 15 inches Intel i7 with back-lit keyboard! This generous person who donated the notebook rushed back to KL from Johor early in the morning just to reformat the notebook because he had to fly off the next day. While he was still overseas, he Whatsapp me to inform that he is arriving in KL that night and I can go pick up the notebook the next day.

Below are photos of the donated gaming notebook and the printer I bought for the centre. Oh, a few of my followers offered to give me money too for the printer but I declined their generous offer except for one of my project team member who  transferred RM50 straight into my account without any prior notice.

Lenovo i7 and Epson L360

Lenovo i7 and Epson L360 2Lenovo i7 15 inLenovo i7 15 in backlit

I have since delivered and set up the above notebook and printer at the centre. I also installed Open Office as it is FREE 🙂

I sincerely thank each and everyone of you who have contributed to my SOS call, i.e. gave suggestions/recommendations, donated the notebook, offer to donate cash and actually donated money for the benefit of the charity organization that I am with. Zillion Thanks!