Maybank Ezy Cash – 0% Interest Cash Loan Direct Into Your Maybank Savings Account

Maybank Ezy Cash Direct Credit Into Savings Account

When I saw the above, I was like WoW! 0% Interest Cash Loan.  Maybank is so freaking generous…….. but as usual you must read the terms and conditions.

So, if you click on “For more information, please visit info page”, you will then see that it is pure bull shit!!!

MAybank Ezy Cash 0 percent

Take note – from above, you will be imposed RM232.80 interest for RM6K Ezy Cash

Basically you will be imposed an upfront fee of 3.88%.  Of course, those who are not educated my yours truly will think that 3.88% upfront interest is “good”.

Those of you who have been following me for years are very well aware that upfront interest loans’ effective interest rates are not low but in actual fact freaking high.

This Maybank Ezy Cash is basically a Personal Loan repackaged and called Ezy Cash where you will need to repay the loan within 6 months. Therefore, the effective interest rate for the cash loan is more than 10%.

I am once again going to show you why you should never opt for upfront interest loan, an in particular Personal Loan.

If you have been paying your credit card promptly, you will be imposed 15% interest on your Outstanding Balance.

Maybank Credit Card Interest Rate

Assuming you then have RM6K Outstanding Balance in you Maybank 2 Gold Cards Account. Therefore, you will be imposed interest rate of 1.25% per month (15%/12 months) on the Outstanding Balance. You then repay RM1K per month. Below is the interest you will pay for 6 months.

  • Month 1 – RM6K x 1.25% = RM75
  • Month 2 – RM5K x 1.25% = RM62.50
  • Month 3 – RM4K x 1.25% = RM50
  • Month 4 – RM3K x 1.25% = RM37.50
  • Month 5 – RM2K x 1.25% = RM25
  • Month 6 – RM1K x 1.25% = RM12.50

Therefore, if you repay RM1K monthly towards the RM6K Outstanding Balance with 15% interest, the total interest imposed is RM262.50

Now coming back to Maybank so called 0% Ezy Cash, by utilizing it, RM6K will be transferred to your Maybank Savings Account and you need to repay RM1K per month. And the total upfront fee of 3.88% = RM232.80.

Bros & Sis, RM232.80 (Ezy Cash 3.88% Upfront Fee) versus RM262.50 (Maybank 2 Cards 15% interest on Outstanding Balance) is about the same!!!

Like I have been telling you guys, don’t be fooled by so called “low” upfront interest rate!

Here, is another example, assuming once again you have RM6K Outstanding Balance in your Maybank 2 Cards account. If you repay RM1.5K monthly for four months, the interest imposed onto you is only RM187.50

  • Month 1 – RM6K x 1.25% = RM75
  • Month 2 – RM4.5x 1.25% = RM56.25
  • Month 3 – RM3K x 1.25% = RM37.50
  • Month 4 – RM1.5K x 1.25% = RM18.75

Total interest for 4 months (at 15% interest rate) is RM187.50 versus RM232.80 with Ezy Cash 3.88% Upfront Fee with 6 months equal repayments.

I tell you, if you want to be poorer instantly, simply just sign up for Personal Loan or other upfront interest loans (e.g. Balance Transfer Plan).

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