GenX GenY GenZ Episode VIII Reborn – is now on Instagram

Last week, I could not access to my Facebook Page using my PCs. After I Logged In, the screen just turned white. I tried using different browsers and another PC but it was the same.

So you know lah, I kiasu to the max………. I though I better have another communication tool with you guys and decided to go with Instagram.

I guess with me having an Instagram account is good; because if I were to decide to stop blogging on finance related matters again or suspend/close down my Facebook again, at least there is still a way for me to communicate with my Die Hard Supporters πŸ™‚

So, it is my pleasure to present to you – Malaysia No.1 No Budget, Unbiased and Independent Personal Finance Website Instagram account – genxgenygenz.reborn

GenX GenY GenZ Reborn instagram

And now that I have an Instagram account, maybe I will post more irrelevant, uninformative, shiok sendiri photos of spirits, food and whatever………… that’s what Instagram is for right, hahahahaha.

Well, my Instagram account is set to private. If you have been following me at Facebook prior to May 2016 and you want to follow my Instagram account, please message me at Facebook to let me know πŸ™‚

GenX 25 by GenX

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