GenX GenY GenZ Episode VIII Reborn – is now on Instagram

Below Contents Were Published in May 2018.

Last week, I could not access to my Facebook Page using my PCs. After I Logged In, the screen just turned white. I tried using different browsers and another PC but it was the same.

So you know lah, I kiasu to the max………. I though I better have another communication tool with you guys and decided to go with Instagram.

I guess with me having an Instagram account is good; because if I were to decide to stop blogging on finance related matters again or suspend/close down my Facebook again, at least there is still a way for me to communicate with my Die Hard Supporters đŸ™‚

So, it is my pleasure to present to you – Malaysia No.1 No Budget, Unbiased and Independent Personal Finance Website Instagram account – genxgenygenz.reborn

GenX GenY GenZ Reborn instagram

And now that I have an Instagram account, maybe I will post more irrelevant, uninformative, shiok sendiri photos of spirits, food and whatever………… that’s what Instagram is for right, hahahahaha.

Below contents are new and is an Invitation to be my Instagram Follower BUT you have to satisfy my TnC and I must want to follow you.


Well, my Instagram account is set to private. If you have been following me at Facebook prior to 2019 and you want to follow my Instagram account, below are the terms and conditions:

  1. I need to verify that you have Liked my Facebook Page on or before 31st December 2018. Click here to read more about how to go ENRSURING that you satisfy this requirements. No excuses will be entertained because aunties who are not expert in computers also can follow the simple instructions to allow me to see when they Liked me!
  2. You must declare that you will not disclose any password that I provide to you to anyone including your parents, spouse, GF or BF now and forever.
  3. You must declare that you shall not share any contents of my protected post at your Facebook Timeline or anywhere or with anyone. Whatever information I share with you is for your eyes only.
  4. You shall not comment at my Facebook. I want it clean.
  5. Only Private Personal Instagram that are set up prior to 31 Dec 2018 are eligible.
  6. Public Instagram are not eligible.
  7. If you think by you giving me access to your Instagram you will have access to my articles on Air Miles or you can disturb me on what to do with your Treats Points or Air Miles, you are highly mistaken. So if you are after FREE information in regards to air miles please do not waste your time.
  8. If you are still interested to allow me to follow your Private Instagram, Private Messaging me at FB with your Personal Statement (yeah it is just as tough to be my Instagram Follower compared to entering a World’s Top Uni) telling me about yourself and why you want to be my follower.
  9. If you satisfy the above and I have vetted your Private Personal Instagram Account and I am satisfied you are not from the dark side, I will then allow you to follow my Instagram Account and you get to disturb me anytime via Instagram.
  10. I reserve all rights to ignore any messages or do whatever I like just like you have the right to un-follow me and ban me from your Instagram.

And if I do decide to follow your PRIVATE Instagram, you will then be allowed to follow my Private Instagram and get to message me directly.

Oh yes, if anyone Private Message me to submit the above said application to be my Instagram Follower and start off with a disrespectful Hi – I will ignore the message.

Below are examples where you application to join my Instagram will be automatically rejected and no explanation will be given.

Facebook MEssage Reject

Facebook Timeline Reject


If I cannot verify that you have Liked me, even if you want to give me RMx,, your application will be ignored.

Like Cannot verify

Below is an example where I can verify when you Liked me and therefore you may proceed to with your Application.


Like Since

Facebook OK

GenX 25 by GenX

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