My New Best Cash Back Credit Card in Malaysia 2018 – Earn Close To 20% Cash Back For Petrol

Since my “reborn” on 25 December 2017, I have been producing many credit cards reviews and several card comparison articles.

And in January 2018, I did more than 12 cash back credit cards reviews and one particular credit card was even called the Best Cash Back Credit Card in Malaysia for months of May and August. This card is freaking fantastic. It is FREE FOR LIFE without any conditions and earns you 10% guaranteed cash back for any type of transactions.

And the card mentioned above is no other than the fantastic Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature (click here to read my review of it).

The Maybank FC Barcelona won itself a place in the Top 10 Best Credit Cards in Malaysia 2018 in my Ultimate Credit Cards Showdown 2018 (By Invitation Only):

The Maybank FC Barcelona was also voted by my readers as their No.2 top favorite credit card in Malaysia for 2018:

However, the joke is, despite me promoting the Maybank FC Barcelona to all my readers for FREE, I did not apply for it until sometime in mid May 2018, hahaha.

Usually I will drop my Maybank Card Centre at the Gardens to apply for any new Maybank credit cards. Simply because – since I have the Maybank 2 Cards Premier, Maybank will issue me any of their credit cards opened to the public without me needing to submit any documents. I will then pick it up later.

However, early this month (May 2018), I was kind of busy. So, I called Maybank Premier Cards Customer Service Toll Free number to apply for the Maybank FC Barcelona instead. Yes, we can apply for any Maybank’s credit cards over the phone if we are an existing Maybank credit card holder. Reason being, all our Maybank credit cards’ Credit Limit are shared, and therefore, there is no impact to either Maybank or us since the liabilities stay the same. During the tele-conversartion, I also requested that the card be sent to my home address once it is approved.

After a week, I received an SMS from Maybank stating that my Maybank FC Barcelona application has been approved. However, after a week, I still have yet to received my Maybank FC Barcelona card. So I called Maybank Premier Cards Customer Service again to check what is stated in their system in respect to the date the card was sent out to me. The friendly customer service rep asked me to hold while he checked and then informed me that the card is at the PosLaju office!!! He then gave me the PosLaju Tracking Number so that I can go pick it up.

In respect to the above paragraph, that’s is why I prefer to collect my credit card at Maybank Card Centre at The Gardens Mall. This is not the first time PosLaju failed to deliver my credit card to my home.

I am super happy with the design of the Maybank FC Barcelona card. It is reflective and we can see the card changes color from one angel to another. I tell you, all my Black Premier Cards (click here to see them) nowadays looks cheap and boring to me!!! Hahaha.

To let you understand what I mean by relective, below is an animation created for you 🙂

Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Best Credit Card 2018


Earn close to 20% Cash Back for Petrol1!!

 I am sure many of you have read my previous articles where I taught you guys that you can save more than 10% for petrol by purchasing Petronas Gift Card via Lazada or 11St or Shopee using another must have cash back credit card called Public Bank Quantum MasterCard (click here to read more)  which earns us 5% cash back for Online Transactions.

Well, if you are new to my blog, I am now going to tell you how you can save more than 10% for Petrol – that is if you are willing to pump at Petronas.

  1. Sign up for a FREE FOR LIFE Cash Back Credit Card that earns you minimum 5% cash back for Online Transactions. I.e. Maybank FC Barcelona (10% cash back for May and August), Public Bank Quantum MasterCard (5% cash back everyday) and Public Bank Visa Signature (6% cash back everyday).
  2. Signup with ShopBack and you will earn cash back from almost all the major Online Shopping Sites including Agoda and Malaysia Airlines. Click here to read my article on Shopback and 11St where I have saved tons of money.
  3. Check out Lazada (Petronas Official Store, images below), 11St and Shopee EVERYDAY in the morning and once again in the evening for offers on Petronas Gift Cards. This is because the Petronas Gift Cards that offer very good discount are sold out very very fast.

Lazada Pteronas Official Store

Lazada Pteronas Gift Card 100


Lazada Pteronas Gift Card 300

Lazada Pteronas Gift Card 500

As of now (1.18pm, 26 May 2018), you still can purchase the Petronas Gift Cards for the amount of RM100 and RM300 with 5% discount off. However, the Petornas RM500 Gift Card offering 10% discount is Sold Out!!!

If you had checked Lazada 2 days ago, you would have managed to purchase the RM500 Petronas Gift Card for RM450. By using the Maybank FC Barcelona, you will also earn yourself RM45 since you get 10% cash back for May and August. And if you had Log On with Shopback and then only visited Lazada website, you would also earn some cashback!! Oh yes, always use email to sign up for ShopBack, tell that to those you refer.

Update Aug 2018

In the month of August, the second term Local Council Assessments is due before 31 August 2018.Most credit cards earn us nothing from government transactions.

Well, the MBB FCB is very good for government transactions and in August we do get 10% cash back but capped at RM100. What this means is that the Maybank FCB is good for up to RM1000 spending for August.

CORRECTION: In Maybank FC Barcelona website, it states that the the Maybank  FC Barcelona is not entitled to cash back with JomPay. Please visit MBB website for more info.

The best next cash back card for paying Local Council Assessment is the wonderful Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum AMEX where we do earn 5% cash back on Saturday and Sunday. Most Local councils are open on weekends in the month of August to facilitate payments of Cukai Pintu.

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