Hong Leong Bank Wise Visa Versus Standard Chartered Bank Just One Platinum MasterCard

This is an Advance Tutorial for those who are familiar with the features of both the HLB WISE and SCB JOP.

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And to benefit fully from this tutorial, you are expected to have read my reviews of both the cards to be compared below. If you have not done so, please click on the links below and read them or else you will not benefit from this post.

Hong Leong Bank WISE Visa Review 2018

Standard Chartered Bank Just One Platinum MasterCard Review 2018


Today I am going to do a comparison of credit cards for the benefit of Cash Back Credit Card Fans.

Over the years I have done several reviews of the Hong Leong Bank WISE Visa credit card as HLB has been revising their cards’ terms and conditions. Initially, the HLB WISE was a fantastic card to own because the cardholder can really earn close to 10% cash back after deducting the annual fee. However, nowadays the HLB card holder will only earn cash back if they spend minimum RM2K with the card.

The SCB Just One Platinum MasterCard (JOP) was also a really good card to own when it was first launched too. However, just like the HLB WISE, SCB has revised the benefits of their cards over time. Today, one needs to spend RM2,500 with the JOP in order to earn the maximum monthly cash back cap of RM85.

So, basically, both the cards mentioned above requires the cardholder to spend RM2K or more in order to earn effective cash back of more than 3%

Effective Cash Back of HLB WISE Visa

As shown in my review of the HLB Wise Gold Visa, the maximum effective cash back for this said card works out to 3.89% after deducting the annual fee of RM265.

Or the maximum cash back one will earn is RM935 (RM100 cash back per month x 12 months deduct annual fee of RM265) with RM24K spending. For those of you who thinks the first year annual fee is waived, well it is not, because you still  need to pay it at the end of your anniversary date. It is matter of you paying upfront or at the end of 12 months.

Effective Cash Back of SCB Just One Platinum MasterCard

If you spend RM2,500 per month with the card, you can earn RM85 in cash back. The annual fee is auto waived if you spend RM20K per year. So if you constantly spend RM2,500 per month with the card to earn maximum cash back, the annual fee is ZERO.

In respect to the above, the maximum effective cash back works out to be 3.4% or you will earn RM1,140.00


From the above, I have shown you that the Standard Chartered Bank Just One Platinum MasterCard (RM1,140 cash back per year) earns you more compared to Hong Leong Bank WISE Visa (RM935 cash back per year)!

I am gong to show one example why you should switch to Standard Chartered Bank Just One Platinum MasterCard if you are using the HLB WISE Visa.

Assuming you are using HLB WISE for the following expenses:

  • Petrol – RM500
  • Groceries – RM500
  • Insurance Premiums RM1,000

With the HLB Wise, you will earn RM100 cash back from Petrol and Groceries. The Insurance Premiums was charged to the card so that you can hit the required spending of RM2K per month.

Hong Leong Bank Wise Visa Merchant List

On the other hand, if you are using the SCB Just One Platinum, you will earn 15% cash back for Petrol, Auto Billing and Online.

Standard Chartered Bank Jusr One Cash Back Tiers

So what you should do with the SCB is:

  • Charge RM500 Petrol;
  • Your RM1K monthly insurance premiums are to be AUTO DEBITED;
  • With the above, you will have RM1K for Online Expenses.

Yes, nowadays most of us transact via online, i.e. Lazada, 11St, Shopee, PTPTN, JomPay, TNB, etc. And you do earn the so called “15%” cash back for online expenses with the SCB JOP!

So what about the RM500 Groceries? Well, go get the FREE FOR LIFE Maybank Islamic Ikhwan MasterCard to extra 5% cash back on Fridays and Saturdays!!! Or you can start doing your groceries online (and therefore eligible for the SCB JOP’s Online criteria to earn so called 15% cash back) where it will be delivered to you at you home (thus saving you petrol too); and the result is that you will then have more time to read my articles to earn more FREE money, hahaha.

And by you using the SCB JOP for your online transactions, you then can free up your Public Bank Quantum MasterCard 5% cash back quota for more Online Shopping or Dining 🙂


The HLB Wise only allow us to earn so called 10% cash back from 2 categories. On the other hand, SCB Just One Platinum MasterCard so called 15% cash back for Online Category open us to hundreds of categories.

However, it is clearly stated in the Just One Platinum that Government and Charity related transactions are not entitled to any cash back.

Well if you need a card for Government related transactions, then the card to get is the Standard Chartered Bank Cash Back Platinum (effective June 2018 SCB renamed it from Gold) – once again click here to read about it. In the terms and conditions of this said card, it is stated that only Petrol and Insurance are not entitled to cash back.

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