FREE AirAsia Big Points From Your Bursa Malaysia Trading with Rakuten Trade

One of my my long time follower who is also a member of my Project 1.0 asked if I was interested to learn how to earn FREE AirAsia Big Points from trading on Bursa Stocks? Well, I am not really into the stock market nowadays but I believe many of my followers are. So I invited him to be a Guest Columnist for the benefit of my followers.

Below contents are by HT, Guest Columnist

I have noticed one of your articles you teach us how to use 1000 Big Points to redeem cheaper air tickets from AirAsia. I would like to share another source of Big Points if your followers are trading stocks at Bursa Malaysia, using Rakuten Trade, an online stockbroking firm in Malaysia.

Rakuten 1

At Rakuten Trade, every RM2 brokerage fee = 1 RT point. 1 RT can be converted to 1 AirAsia Big point. I will not be covering Bonuslink and Binfinite because I believe the cashback equivalent will not be as worth as AirAsia Big Points. For example, every month you spend RM400 on brokerage fees, you can earn 200 Big Points. In 5 months, you can accumulate 1000 Big Points. Please be reminded, the points is based on brokerage fees, not the trading value.

Rakuten is one of the main sponsors for Barcelona FC (I believe most of your followers also have MBB Barcelona Signature Visa haha). If Barcelona FC wins, there will be a 2x Rakuten Trade points promotion the following day. However, we will have to wait until the next season starts to see if the promotion is still on. I believe it will continue as long as Rakuten still sponsors Barcelona FC.

Rakuten 2

Now also there is promotion of free2000 Rakuten Trade Points after signing up and successfully executing a first trade. For more info, please visit

I only recommend this to people already experienced in trading stocks at Bursa Malaysia due to the risky nature of stocks where we can lose part of or all of our capital. There is no point in earning Big Points when you are losing money in the stock market.

If you are interested to open an account with Rakuten, please click here (HT’s Referral Link) and earn yourself 2,000 Rakuten Trade Points which you can convert to AirAsia Big Points.

Comments by GenX

So, if you are into investing with stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia, check out the link above and earn yourself FREE Big Points.