AirAsia Big Points Are Not Useless After All


Well, I have been telling you guys for years that AirAsia Big Points are useless because you need unbelievable amount to redeem a flat bed ticket. For example, we need 539,600 AirAsia big Points to Redeem a Flat Best return ticket KL to Melbourne. To earn 539,600K AA Big Points, I would need to spend close to RM485K with my AMEX Reserve!!! If I spend RM485K with my AMEX Reserve, I can redeem at least 2 FIRST CLASS return tickets KL/London worth more than RM70K!!!

KL MEL AA Big Point Flat Bed

However, two months ago, my Project 1.0 Team Member taught me how to utilize the AirAsia Big Points to gain unbelievable maximum returns and I have shared it (How To Save Lot Of Money with Air Asia Part I) with many of my Followers who buta-buta followed my instructions (not necessary my Project Team Members).

Well, today I am going to share with you how you can earn FREE AirAsia Big Points in addition to what I shared in my article How To Save Lots Of Money with AirAsia Part III.

FREE AirAsia Big Points

There are many ways to earn free AirAsia Big Points and I am going to tell you how in case you don’t know:

AirAsia Group

You earn AirAsia Big Points when you fly with AirAsia, purchase Duty Free via ROKKIshop (formerly Big Duty Free), spending with Big Pay Prepaid MasterCard, booking via  Tune Hotels, Tune Talk, etc.

Credit Cards

We can convert our Credit Cards’ Reward Points to AirAsia Big Points.

Of course the best credit card to earn FREE AA Big Points is no other that the fabulous Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve but one must be out of his/her mind to convert his/her TP to redeem a full ticket with AA Big Points.

The second best credit card to earn AA Big Points is of course with the wonderful Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum AMEX where the conversion rate is 1 AA big Point to every RM1.40 spent locally and overseas. Now, if one has more than say 500K treats Points earned from the Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Plat 5X TP and convert it to AA Big Points, i would say that person must be out of his mine too.

Now with respect to the above said paragraph, if one only converts their Treats Points to AA Big Points purely for the purpose taught in my tutorials, then it is a smart move. Then again, all my Project Team Members and those who were fortunate enough to read my tutorial titled How To Save Lots Of Money With AirAsia Part III should be earning lots of AA Big Points for FREE; thus we won’t need to convert credit cards’ reward points to AA Big Points.

Trading on Bursa Malaysia

If you are into stock market and use Rakuten Trade or RHBInvest, you will also end up with lots of AA Big Points too. With Rakuten Trade, every RM2 Brokerage Fee you earn 1 AA Big Point.


Every time after you make payment for transactions with Lazada, you have the option to insert your AirAsia Big Loyalty Account Number to earn AA Big Points! If you did not know, make sure you read the fine prints (yeah the fonts are small so many missed it) after you make payment. You will earn 1 AA Big Point for every RM25 spent.


If you are not familiar with Fave, you should check it out as there are many deals there. And the best part is that you can use AMEX!



Yes you may earn 1 AA Big Point for every RM1 spent at 11St BUT it excludes many items. I guess better you go with ShopBack and earn cash back credited straight into your bank account.

And The List Goes On and On

You can earn AA Big Points with Agoda, ezBuy, F.O.S.,, Petron, Petronas, Sephora, SengHeng, Sunway Medical, etc, etc.

However, please note, not all that offer AirAsia Big Points are necessary good. For example, if you select Air Miles with Agoda, the room price may be more expensive. For Petron case, I would think that it would be better to redeem for petrol. So you need to check and compare your Reward Options and not buta-buta opt for AirAsia Big Points.

Where To Redeem AirAsia Big Points

So now you have lots of AirAsia Big Points, what are you going to do with it?

I know, I know, you can redeem for AirAsia tickets BUT you need hell of a lot of Big Points to redeem an AA ticket, e.g. 539K for a Flat Bed return KL/Melbourne. Generally 1 AA Big Point is worth about 1 sen or less when you use it to redeem tickets with AA!!! But since we do earn FREE AA Big Points when we fly with AirAsia, I guess might as well use it to pay for some of the cost associated with AA tickets.  Whatever it is, do not convert you Maybank Treats Points to AirAsia Big Points to redeem a full AA ticket; because you’ll be better off converting to Enrich Miles or KrisFlyer Miles or Asia Miles and get to Fly Bussiness Class or First Class to the same destination for FREE!

AirAsia tickets are damn freaking cheap when they have promos. For example, you can get a return ticket KL/Melbourne and KL/Seoul for less than RM900 and RM700 respectively. Oh, for Melbourne, soon AA flights will be arriving at Avalon, it will cost damn a lot for a taxi ride to the City. Below is an example where you can fly return KL/Seoul for less than RM700:

KL ICN March 2019 Big Pay discount

HOWEVER, if you are my Disciple, you will know 1 AA Big Point can be worth damn a lot but we don’t need much per itinerary and we can save lots of money if we fly often with AA.  I think it is the same method used by non-official 3 parties that sell you AirAsia tickets much cheaper compared to AirAsia dotcom.

So what to do with all the AA Big Points that we are earning from left, right and centre (from the various methods mentioned earlier)?

Well, besides redeeming for AA tickets or use it partially to pay for AA air tickets, you can use your FREE AirAsia Big Points to pay for deals at Fave!!! 125 AA big Points = RM1 at Fave!!! If you earn 1 AA Big Point for every RM1 spent, the returns you earn works out to be 0.8%, which is not that good but not bad too. Now, the thing is Fave gives you very good deals at participating merchants/restaurants/partners which we would otherwise get nothing by paying directly with out credit cards. So when you coupled up the discount with Fave and use AA Big points which are about to be expired to pay (in full or in part), we are getting really fantastic deals.

AirAsia big Points fave

So Is The Fave Option To Use AA Big Points A Good Deal?

Well, it depends………..

Assuming you have the Maybank 2 Card Gold/Platinum and you have earned 7000 Maybank Treats Points with the AMEX 5X TP, you will then be able to convert it to 1000 AA Big Points. And with 1000 AA Big Points that is equivalent to RM8 at Fave.

In order to earn 7000 Treats Points with the wonderful Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum AMEX, you need to spend RM1,400. Therefore, the equivalent cash back you earn if you convert your TP to AA Big Points to pay for deals at Fave = RM8/RM,1400 = 0.57%

For the Maybank AMEX Reserve Case, the conversion is 4500 TP = 1000 AA Big Points. And in order to earn 4500 TP, we need to spend RM900; therefore the returns we get is RM8/RM900 = 0.88%

As of 1 July 2018, the conversion rate for Maybank Treats Points is 500 TP = RM1 or 1% equivalent cash back in the case of AMEX 5X TP. Therefore there is absolutely no point in us converting our Treats Points to AA Big Points to use it at Fave. And if the AMEX Reserve 5X TP is not good, then for other credit cards it will be worst off.

On the other hand, the FREE AirAsia Big Points that we earn from thin air at Lazada, and Fave are great for Fave – that is if you have too many AA Big Points and you have no idea what to do with it, hahaha.

Oh……… you do get cash back with Fave if you log in into your ShopBack then be redirected to Fave!!! Once again you can use AMEX at Fave!!!

And then if you use the Fave App to pay at selected partners, you also get cash back for your next visit!!!  Examples, it says I will get 10% partner’s cash back at espressolab Bangsar and 5% partner’s cash back at Pappa Rich for my next visit.

Wah this Fave thingy, earning FREE AA Big Points, discount deals and cash back here & cash back there is really good.

The joke is I don’t have Fave account prior to me drafting this article. This Fave thingy is really good, I guess I will go sign up for it too so that I can use my FREE Air Asia Big Points…………… it is now 1.20am 1st July 2018………….

I just signed up with Fave (it is now 2am), to tell you the truth, the only thing that interest me is the A&W Waffle with Ice-Cream, hahaha.

Now let us take the A&W Waffle with ice cream promo at Fave. The deal is RM9 which means I need 1125 AirAsia Big Point to “redeem” for it. In this case, if you have 1,125 AirAsia Big Points which is about to be expired and you are not flying anywhere with AA soon, you know what to do lah.



I stared off this article with the intention to let you guys know you can earn FREE AirAsia Big Points from thin air, e.g. Lazada and how you can utilize the FREE AA Big Points you have earned at Fave. I ended up signing up with Fave, hahaha.

As I have mentioned earlier, you can use AMEX to top up your Fave Account – what this means is we can now earn more FREE air miles with the AMEX at places where previously we could not because the establishment does not accept AMEX!

In conclusion:

  1. Log In to ShopBack and then click on Fave to earn cash back when you purchase Fave deals – FREE Money!
  2. Link your AirAsia Account to Fave and when you purchase Fave Deals you earn FREE AA Big Points!!
  3. You can also use your AA Big Points (very good for those about to expire) to pay for Fave Deals – FREE Makan or Coffee!!!
  4. Use the Fave App to pay at Partner Merchants and earn cash back for next visit – FREE Money!!!!
  5. Top up Fave with AMEX – FREE Air Miles!!!!!

And you all know lah, FREE is the Best 🙂

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