Sign Up With Hong Leong Bank Online Account Immediately For Some Greats Deals – July 2018

For those of you who have yet to sign up with HLB Online, aka Connect, do so immediately if any of the deals below interest you:

HLB eFD 4.37% for 3 months


Hong Leong Bank FD Ptomo July 2018

12 Months 0% Balance Transfer

HLB Balance Transfer

Applying for the HLB Balance Transfer is freaking simple and can be done in minutes with HLB Connect. Click here to read my article titled HLB Balance Transfer Plan Is So Freaking Easy To Earn Free Money.


RM477 Cash Back for First 50 Customers – this is Not Guaranteed

HLB Credit Card Cash Back

7% Cash Back with HLB Credit Cards and Debit Cards

HLB 7 Cash Back

Please visit Hong Leong Bank website ===> click on Promotions ===> Click on Connect for complete Terms and Conditions of all promos stated above.