Use Lah Your AMEX To Top Up GrabPay To Earn Cash Back or Air Miles

Last week I shared with you guys regarding Fave where you can use the American Express at merchants that you otherwise cannot. Another advantage of Fave is that you can earn AirAsia Big Points; and more importantly, you can use your AirAsia Big Points to pay with Fave!!!

AirAsia big PointsClick here to read my article titled AirAsia big Points Are Not Useless After All. If you have AirAsia Big Points which are expiring soon, you will love this article because you can convert your AA Big Points to “cash” with Fave.

Today I am going to introduce another eWallet called GrabPay. Even if you do not take Grab, this GrabPay thingy may benefit you.

Considering that UBER is no longer around in Malaysia, we will have to use Grab where we can either book a ride with a taxi or a personal car. With UBER gone, we kind of benefit because the previous UBER drivers are now Grab drivers. This means we now get to ride on pretty good vehicles  instead of just Myvi, hahaha. For example, I was in Penang last week and I used Grab from Shangri-la Rasa Sayang to the airport on an Estima and the fee was damn freaking cheap at RM36!!!

Having said the above, without UBER, basically Grab has no competition. The taxi companies/associations should team up and form their own Ride Sharing App and compete with Grab and then there is nothing to complain as they will no longer need to pay any commission to Grab. All they need is a leader that thinks outside the box. The taxi industry has to evolve with the internet age. We consumers would love to take taxis if we know the ride cost upfront without needing to haggle the price with dishonest taxi drivers.

However, like I mentioned, not everyone takes Grab. There are advantages in us taking a taxi. For example if you arrive at KLIA or KLIA2, instead of wasting time waiting for the Grab driver to show up and then looking high and low for him/her, we do not need to be bothered with this said matter when we take the taxi (Budget or Limo). Also with airport taxi, Toll Charges and peak periods are included in the fixed price. And I tell you, being a passenger in the rear seat of a sedan car is much more comfortable compared to the super subcompact Myvi/Axia, hahaha.

So how can GrabPay benefit you if you are not a Grab supporter?

Well, besides using GrabPay App to pay for Grab rides, you can use GrabPay App installed in your smartphone to pay at many merchants. While I was in Penang, I was surprised that TeoChew Cendol accepts GrabPay besides cash. And you can top up GrabPay with the Amerucan Express credit cards!!! So, if I top up Grab Pay with AMEX and then use GrabPay to pay for the food at TeiChew Cendol, I am using AMEX to pay for the food!!! And the list of merchants that accept GrabPay is not too bad. Even in Sabah and Sarawak, many, merchants accept GrabPay as a method of payment.


Just like I mentioned about the taxi industry needing to evolve, we credit cards holders also need to take full advantage of the internet age to earn more in returns, hahaha. It is really fantastic that we can use our AMEX credit cards to Top Up GrabPay:

  • With the Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum AMEX – we top up GrabPay on Saturday/Sunday to earn 5% cash back. Therefore, what this means is we can now enjoy 5% cash back everyday at places than accept GrabPay.
  • Using the Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve to top up GrabPay, we can earn 1 air mile for every RM0.90 spent at merchants that do not accept AMEX but GrabPay!!!

I tell you, this GrabPay and Fave thingy is going to be fantastic for us AMEX cardholders as more merchants sign up with them. And those of you in Sabah or Sarawak have no more excuses that AMEX is not widely accepted there, hahaha.

Update 19 October 2018

I have been upgraded to Grab Platinum Status, so what does that mean?

Based on above, let us work out the value of 1 Grab Point.

With 800 Grab Points, I can get RM5 off at Baskin Robbins. This means 1 Grab Point = RM0.00625.

With 900 Grab Points, I can get a drink worth RM6.90 at Tealive. This means 1 Grab Point = RM0.0076

With 1,150 Grab Points I can redeem RM10 Grab Ride. This means 1 Grab Point = RM0.00869

With 1,690 Grab Points, I can redeem RM15 Grab Ride. This means 1 Grab Point = RM0.00887

Therefore, redeeming for Grab Ride is a better deal than using your Grab Points for a drink at Tealive s or ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

With 2700 Grab Point, I can redeem for 300 KrisFlyer Miles. Here is where my disciples will benefit to the max. You see, 1 KrisFlyer miles can be worth RM0.03 to RM0.15!!! Assuming if my disciples buta-buta follow my instructions and don’t stupidly go redeem for Economy Class tickets, the 300 KrisFlyer Miles can be worth RM45. Or 1 Grab Point = RM0.016. What this means is we can get close to 100% better return when we redeem for KrisFlyer Miles using Grab Points instead of redeeming for Grab Rides!!!

In conclusion, top up Grab with AMEX Reserve (where you will earn 1 KrisFlyer for every RM0.90)  and then use GrabPay to pay whenever you can (e.g. Tealive and TeoChew Cendol) and even if the merchant accepts AMEX (i.e. Baskin Robbins where you only get a discount with minimum spending with MBB Cards, Tony Roma’s, Sakae Sushi and even ALL IT Hypermarket; so that you can to earn more KrisFlyer Miles. what this means is that you can earn 1 KrisFlyer Miles for less than RM0.90 spent!!!

UPDATE January 2019

I earn more Grab Point per RM spent with Grab Pay versus Grab Ride!!!

For example, by me spending RM11.35 with grab Pay at Baskin Robbins and RM65 for a Grab Ride to the airport, I earn 227 Points and 585 Points respectively.

In other words, I earn 20 Grab Points with every RM1 spent with Grab Pay but only earn 9 Grab Points with every RM1 paid for Grab Ride.

Grab Ride versus Grab Pay Points.jpg

KrisFlyer Redemption January 2019

grab krisflyer redemption

Based on the above redemption rate and the Grab Points I will earn from Grab Pay and Grab Ride, this works out to:

1 KF Mile for every RM0.4375 spent with Grab Pay

1 KF Mile for every RM0.9722 spent with Grab Ride

Si, let’s say if I spent RM0.90 using Grab Pay which I used my AMEX Reserve to Top Up, I will earn 1 KF Mile with the AMEX Reserve and 2.05 KF Miles with Grap Pay too. that’s total 3 KF Mile for every RM0.90 actual spending!!! WOW!!!

However, redeeming the KrisFlyer Miles is a hassle with Grab because we can only redeem 160KF Miles per day!!!!

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