Maybank Mudarabah i Account GIA Part II – Daily Interest Is Back!!!


If you have been following me for years, you know that Maybank GIA Account was fantastic compared to normal Savings Account because we could earn close to 1 month Fixed Deposit interest rate (initially it was close to FD Promo interest rates) even if we park our money for just 1 night. However, a couple of years ago, Maybank stopped this wonderful feature where they paid us interest despite us not fulfilling the tenure, i.e. we uplift the GIA deposit before the end of the tenure (1 month or 2 months, etc).

In respect to the above, since Maybank stopped paying dividend for early uplift of GIA accounts, I have been depositing my money that is allocated to pay my Maybank credit cards with Maybank eFD 1 month tenure.

Good News – the daily interest thingy is back!!!

Early this month, a long time follower WhatsApp me to inform that he did earn interest with Maybank GIA despite him uplifting the deposit earlier.

So yesterday, 15th September 2018, instead of depositing my funds into 1 month eFD, I opted to go with Maybank IA GIA 1 month. This is because I assumed that GIA dividends are generally higher than Fixed Deposit interest rates (BIG mistake – I will explain later).

Then this morning, 16th September 2018, another long time follower messaged me at Facebook and gave me the link below:

Announcement on Maybank GIA

Well, in respect to the link above, it is confirmed that we do earn daily interest even if we make premature withdrawal – but only for the 1 month GIA tenure. FYI, the minimum deposit for Maybank Mudarabah i Account GIA 1 month tenure via online is RM5K and can be placed via M2U.

Maybank IA - General Investment Account

After I received the link above, I read that no dividend shall be paid for the Maybank IA GIA 2 months tenure if one was to withdraw earlier. That got me curious, so I went to check out the GIA account and to my horror, the one month rate is really pathetic.

Maybank Mudarabah IA GIA Dividend Rates

Maybank IA - General Investment Account rates.jpg

Maybank eFD Interest Rates

Maybank FD interest rates 2018

In respect of the above images, the Maybank GIA Dividend Rate for 1 month is 2.5% only!!! WTF!!! It is lower than the Maybank eFD Interest Rate of 3.15%.

No wonder Maybank can offer daily interest for the Maybank Mudarabah GIA 1 month tenure even if we make premature withdrawals. 2.5% Dividend Rate is close to Maybank2U Savers interest rate of 2.2% hahahaha.

Maybank Mudarabah IA GIA 1 month tenure really pays us interest even if we park our funds for just 1 night!!!

Stupid me to go place RM60K into Maybank Mudarabah IA GIA 1 month tenure last night. So I quickly uplifted the deposit and switched to eFD 1 month. The good news is that I did earn RM4.11 for parking my money overnight at Maybank GIA 🙂 Please refer to image below.

RM4.11 interest earned for Principal Amount of RM60K is equivalent to 2.5% p.a. So, the above is true, i.e. Maybank pays us interest despite us making premature withdrawals for the 1 months tenure IA GIA.

Maybank IA - General Investment Account interest daily.jpg



Maybank Mudarabah GIA Daily Interest is back!!! But at lower dividend (interest rate) compared to 1 month Fixed Deposit Interest Rate. The GIA “interest rate” of 2.5% is just slightly better than M2U Saver (Maybank’s Online Savings Account) interest rate of 2.2%.

Having said that, the Maybank Mudarabah GIA is still good for those who have lots of money to park for 1 night and up to 29 days or 30 days. Then again, if you want to park more than RM50K for a few days or weeks, check out Maybank Q-Cash.


Update 24th September 2018

As I mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, on 16th September I did switch the money not needed to pay my Maybank credit cards bill to 1 month conventional FD. However, I then decided to park the money required to pay my credit cards bills fpr the month of September into GIA on the same day. Today, 24th September I uplifted the GIA as I need to pay n full my credit card bills soon, so basically I parked my money there for 8 nights only and earned myself RM45.48 and once again really earned 2.5% p.a. interest.

MBB GIA Sep uplift.jpg

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