GenX GenY GenZ – Read and You Will Be Rewarded

Once again, if you are new to credit cards and my blog, the first thing you must do is click here and read my Credit Card Tutorial 101 where I will tell you what FREE FOR LIFE credit cards you must have to earn either Cash Back or Air Miles.

A little knowledge on benefits of credit cards can be actually dangerous and can lead you straight into the shit hole of debt. Therefore, I have prepared several articles to ensure that you are fully well aware of the risk involved in holding credit cards. It is extremely important that you read the following articles:

After reading the above articles, you must then read every single cash back credit card review I have prepared so that you know what cash back credit cards to get based on your spending pattern.

To spoon feed you again:

For Insurance, click here to read my review on the SCB Just One Platinum and click here to read about Maybank FC Barcelona. The Maybank FC Barcelona is also the best credit card for months of May and August were you can earn 10% cash back for any type of transactions EXCEPT JomPay.

For petrol, in addition to the Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum mentioned in my Credit Card Tutorial 101, you can consider the following cards to free up your MBB 2 Cards AMEX monthly cash back quota for other types of expenses:

For online, in addition to the Maybank 2 Card Gold/Platinum and Public Bank Quantum Card mentioned in my Credit Card Tutorial 101, click here to read my review of the Public Bank Visa Signature.  The Standard Chartered Bank Cash Back Platinum and Just One Platinum are also not too bad for online if you can spend RM1500 and RM2500 respectively.

If the above cards are still inadequate to cover your expenses, click here to read more about the Hong Leong Bank Fortune Visa which also earns you Cash Back for insurance premiums.

And if you are a cash back fan, I advise you to read my Simple Engineered Hack To See Your Wealth Grow From Cash Back Credit Cards.

If you want to know what cards to get for FREE entries to airport lounges, click here to my Airport Page.

If you use Grab, top up Grab Pay on weekends with your Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum AMEX – click here to read more.

Once you know the basics of credit cards, then you should read every single article listed at my HOME PAGE because you are sure to learn a thing or two from each article.



As for air miles fans, I have explained many times why my air miles related tutorials are now only for selected few grateful followers who buta-buta followed my instructions and will once again repeat them here.

After my Reborn on 25th December 2017, for months I did share articles relating to air miles but then someone “taruh” me for wanting to help him on how to maximize his air miles and another made a sarcastic remark as to why I still love Enrich Miles. It was then I decided I shall only teach selected people on how to accumulate air miles from thin air.

Therefore, all articles related to air miles are for a privileged few who are grateful (over the years based on their actions) and passed my screening process (e.g. finger exercises, missions, Project 0.0 which has a 3 steps screening process, verification process of when one Liked GenX GenY GenZ and etc etc etc).

If you missed being invited to my project(s), it is water under the bridge, so no point you beg but patiently wait and continue to support GenX GenY GenZ. Then again, if you were invited to join any of my project, where time is of the essence for you to reply,  if you ignored me, I reserve the rights to ignore you too.

However, all my reviews/tutorials in respect to Cash Back credit cards remain unprotected to benefit the Rakyat to cope with the high cost of living.

So, unless you are invited to do so, please do not message me or comment at my FB Page requesting for any password. Depending on my mood, I will suka-suka set anyone who message me to SPAM and then I will no longer need to read any messages from them, hahaha.

Coming back to the title – maybe it should be rephrase to Buta-Buta Follow GenX GenY GenZ Instructions And You Shall Be Rewarded 🙂