Counter Strike Against The Unethical Too Big To Fail UOB

Couple days ago, I made a Top Urgent Top Announcement at my Facebook informing all that UOB played me out BIG TIME. The 5X Unlimited UniRinggit Promo was a BIG CON JOB! Click here to read it (Password: ConJob).

As I mentioned, I changed all my insurance to be auto debited with my UOB VI early this month and out of the blue on 26 September 2018, UOB sent me an SMS informing me that the 5X UniRinggit campaign will prematurely ends on 28th September 2018. WTF!!! 2 days for me to take actions.

Well, yesterday night I planed my counter strike and today launched the first attack.

What I did first thing in the morning was that I drove to Prudential to implement my mission:

Counter Strike No.1 – changed all my Prudential Insurance Premiums to be paid with another credit card beginning 2019.

Counter Strike No.2 – I used my UOB Visa Infinite to pay all my insurance premiums that will be due for the remaining of this year!!!

Bros & Sis, I have made the first move to counter UOB unethical move, however they are too freaking huge for me to even make a dent. So, I need you to gear up and fly your X-Wing and continue attacking them until midnight and hopefully we all can make a small dent to their empire and remind them not to play us out next time.