FREE Eraman Privilege Card – Damn Good For Buying Liquor & SKII

A few people have reported that effective 6th Dec 2018, we can no longer call to apply for the card but at Eraman outlets only.

One of my Super Duper Die Hard Follower messaged me that he has obtained the Eraman Privilege FREE!!! You don’t need to spend a sen unlike me where had to spend RM300 in order to be eligible for the card.

All he had to do is call the person in charge and was told to email him (1) Name, (2) Hand Phone Number and (3) Address.

Believe it or not, 2 days after he emailed as instructed, he received the Eraman Privilege Card via courier.

Eraman Privilege Card FREE.jpg

The best thing about the Eraman Privilege Member Card is that we get 10% Discount for liquor and cosmetic including SKII (that’s if they have stock). The best part is that we can pay with our Amex Reserve and also use the Eraman Privilege Card 🙂

Eraman Privilege Card.jpg

Now, if you are a SKII fan, you will know that it is damn hard to get any SKII products at Eraman, especially at KLIA2.  I have good news for you if you are flying out of KLIA. The shop simply named Perfumes & Cosmetics at the center island, behind the information counter at satellite terminal offers 10% for SKII products if you have the Eraman Card!!!

SKII Discount at KLIA.jpg

To get the Eraman Privilege Card for FREE, all you need to do is call +60387769070 and speak to En Amir Adam and follow his instructions, it is that simple.

I was told by the person show shared the above FREE Eraman Promo that the offer ends on 7th December 2018. On behalf of all my followers who have obtained the Eraman Privilege Card, I thank the person who selflessly shared this fantastic offer which has benefited many of my die hard followers.