Standard Chartered Bank New Liverpool FC Cash Back MasterCard

In mid 2018, Standard Chartered Bank rebranded their Cash Back MasterCard to Platinum MasterCard. Thus, SCB card supplier must be very happy as they get to sell more plastic cards to SCB.

In less than 6 months, SCB rebranded their new Platinum Cash Back MasterCard to Liverpool FC Cash Back Credit Card!!! What will happen to all the unused Platinum Cash Back plastic card stock? What a waste of resources!!! And we all know that plastic is choking mother earth and SCB is contributing to the problem by ordering more plastic card because they rebranded what was an old product.

What is the point of rebranding a card when it offers the same standard card benefit as its predecessor? Worst still, what if the current cardholder is a Man U fan and therefore hates Liverpool?

The NEW SCB Livelpool FC MasterCard offers the bloody same benefit as the OLD SCB Cash Back Credit Card!!! Both these said NEW and OLD credit card reward you the same RM50 maximum cash back if you spend exactly RM1,500 AND nothing for petrol and insurance!!!

Standard Charterd Bank Liverpool Cash Back MasterCard

And SCB has this stupid condition where your cash back in not credited into your Credit Card Account unlike PBB and MBB credit cards! And they will only credit within 60 days!!! Below is part of the TnC for the so called NEW Liverpool FC MasterCard:

We will credit the amount of the Cashback to your credit card account or any other account we designate within the 60 days after the end of the relevant transaction
All Cashback earned will not be automatically credited in the form of cash to your account. Cashback earned will only be redeemable via

And just like the OLD SCB Cash Back Credit Card MasterCard, you must spend RM20K with the NEW Liverpool FC MasterCard else you will be imposed an annual fee of RM175.

Unlike the boys at SCB Credit Card Department who are trying to fool the public that they are offering new products (i.e. rebranding the OLD Cash Back to Platinum and then to Liverpool FC MasterCard), I am not going to fool you by wasting my time reviewing the NEW SCB Liverpool FC MasterCard BUT you can click here and see for yourself that it is the OLD SCB Cash Back Credit Card 🙂

And in my above said article/review, you will learn about the SCB Just One Platinum which is excellent for Cash Back Fans who need a card for insurance premiums 🙂