RHB New Dual Cards Visa Reward And Cash Back MasterCard Review 2018

RHB does offer many cash back credit cards but I find their cash back mechanism too complicated to keep track and therefore I am not bothered with them. Well RHB just introduced a new credit card combo called Dual Cards where one of them is a Reward Points Card and the other Cash Back Card. Hopefully this time the cash back is straight forward like the Maybank credit cards.

Before I proceed to review the NEW RHB Dual Cards, let’s check out the annual fees.

RHB Dual Card Annual Fee.jpg

Wah, the annual fee for the RHB Reward MasterCard Credit Card is damn freaking high at RM200!!! The Visa Cash Back Credit Card annul fee on the other hand is just RM70.

Wait, why is there 2 annual fees when RHB calls them Dual Cards? I guess it is not a single product like the Maybank 2 Cards Visa and AMEX. I guess the RHB Dual Cards are actually 2 separate products.

Review of the New RHB Reward MasterCard Credit Card

The new RHB Reward MasterCard earns you different number of point per RM1 spent for different categories.

How the hell is one going to remember how many points he/she earns for different categories. If you love a complicated life, this new RHB Reward card is a must.

RHB Dual Card Reward MasterCard Review.jpg

Based on the above, we can get 10X Points from movie tickets, nice.

HOWEVER, when I refer to the redemption for Enrich Miles, I was blur like hell…… 16 units of 500 Enrich Miles, what does it mean? Mote complications to your life……..

I then noticed in small print that it is stated 5,500 RHB Point per unit.

Actually for Enrich Miles, you will need 11,000 RHB Points to Redeem 1000 Enrich Miles.

Review of the New RHB Visa Cash Back Card Credit Card

RHB Dual Cards Visa Cash Back Review 2018

I see the above chart, my head already spnniing, hahaha. Max cash back for 6 categories is RM600 per year, and that is if I spend RM60K per year (I think, like I said my head spinning so can’t really confirm).

I tell you, if the RHB Reward MasterCard is not complicated enough and you need more challenge, couple it with the RHB Visa Cash Back and you are sure to make your life even more complicated.

Just go with FREE FOR LIFE  Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards where we can earn RM50 with just RM1K spending a month on any categories, unlimited categories actually compared to RHB Visa Cash Back 6 categories. That’s RM600 cash back per year with RM12K spending.

And if you do spend more than RM1K per month, then go get the FREE FOR LIFE Maybank Islamic Ikhwan MasterCard and earn another RM600 in cash back per year with RM12K spending.

Still need more cards as you spend more than RM24K per year, no problems, go get the FREE FOR LIFE Public Bank Quantum Cards and you can earn RM60 in cash back per month with just RM1,200 per month.

Based on the above, with the Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards, Maybank Islamic Ikhwan MasterCard and Public Bank Quantum Cards, I can earn RM1,920 in cash back per year with RM38,400 spending VERSUS RHB Visa max cash back of RM600 per year with RM60K spending (or maybe much more – my head still spinning and can’t compute the exact amount you need to spend)!!!

I tell you, if you are new to credit cards, you better click here to my FREE Credit Card Tutorial CC 101 where you will be taught the basics of owning credit cards and what credit cards you must have if you are a cash back fan.