Last Chance To Save 20% On Your PTPTN

22nd December 2018

Those of you who as PTPTN outstanding loans, if you settle in full by 31st December 2018, you be entitled to 20% rebate. This is your last chance to enjoy one of the benefits offered by the previous BN government.


I believe most of you who are reading this would have settled your PTPTN Loans by now and saved yourself thousands of Ringgit.

However, if you have yet to settle your PTPTN loan and you have additional money sitting in the bank to SETTLE IN FULL your PTPTN loan, you should. Bros & Sis, 20% is better than any guaranteed investment you can get right now. If you are one of these people, you better spend some time this weekend and figure out how you are going to save 20% off your PTPTN Loan and come Monday go implement it.

If you are clueless, here are two examples:

  1. Your Outstanding Loan is RM10K.
  2. You also have RM15K in your bank account.
  3. You have a credit card with RM10K or more Credit Limit.

Option 1

Use your credit card to pay in full and then make sure you SETTLE IN FULL your Credit Card Outstanding Balance Prior To The Due Date.

Cards to use:

SCB Just One Plat or Liverpool via Online to earn a little bi pocket money.

Option 2

Use your credit card to pay in full and then make sure you SETTLE IN FULL your Credit Card Outstanding Balance Prior To The Due Date. (Above Option 1)

And then perform 0% Balance Transfer to another Credit Card!

Credit Cards with 0% Balance Transfer:

  • AEON – 6 months
  • Affin Bank – 12 months
  • Bank Simpanan National – 12 months
  • Public Bank – 6 months

Now if you don’t have any of the above mentioned credit card and you are thinking of applying, please note that your application may be rejected. So make sure you have enough money in the bank to pay in full for Option 1!

Option 3

You credit card allows you to convert to 0% Installment Plans directly.



If you do not have money in the bank, I would recommend that you do not take a personal loan to pay for your PTPTN. IF you take a personal loan it means you don’t have money…… if you got no money today, what makes you think you will have money tomorrow to pay back your loan? And if you take a 36 months loan period and if shit happens, you be in deeper shit and your credit rating will nose dive and it will be damn hard to get any loans in the future.

If you are in the scenario above, click on the link below to read more:

Don’t worry if you miss this boat now, because in 4 years time when we have another general election, I would think whomever is in power will offer some kind of PTPTN promo again or those who want to be in power will promise or bullshit you the sky again to win your votes.