AmBank BonusLink Visa Credit Card Review 2019


BonusLink has been around for ages. Basically you earn BonusLink Points at selected merchants where you can then redeem for vouchers or stuff even  to pay for stuff.

So why BonusLink? When you used your credit cards, in addition to the cash back or reward points you earn with your credit card, you also earn FREE BonusLink Points. the KEY WORD here is FREE!

The two major brand merchants that reward you BonusLink Points are Shell and Parkson. AmBank also reward you BonusLink Points when you open selected Savings Account!

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You’ll be surprised that you can also earn BonusLink Points including paying ofr PTPTN and depositing into SSPN-i!!!

BonusLink PTPTN SSPN.jpg

with the brief introduction above on BonusLink, I present to you AmBank BonusLink Visa Credit Cards:

AmBank Bonus Link

AmBank BonusLink Visa Credit Card

AmBank BonusLink Visa Credit Card 10X BonusLink Points – Is this good or bad compared to cash back credit cards? And you must always read the Terms and Conditions.

All the three AmBank BonusLink credit cards, i.e. Visa Signature or Platinum or Gold basically earn you only 3 BonusLink Point for every RM10. However, AmBank claims that their AMBank BonusLink Visa earns you 10X BonusLink Points! Well it is true to a certain extend. As usual, you must read the terms and conditions of any credit card that you are signing up with.

BonusLink redemption at Shell Petrol Stations

I will first touch on the standard 3X BonusLink Point for every RM10 spent. Based on the fact you can redeem RM1 worth of fuel at Shell for every 100 BonusLink Points and the AMBank BonusLink Visa earns 3X BonusLink Points with the  every RM10, this works out to equivalent 0.3% cash back!!! This is super freaking low!!!

Even the useless HLB Essential Visa which revised the cash back rate to 0.4% for the first RM7K spending is better! Click here to read HLB Essential Visa Review 2019.

HOWEVER, with the AmBank BonusLink Visa Credit Card, you do 10X Bonus Link Points, therefore you then get 3% returns; BUT you must always read the TnC. Below are parts of the AmBank BonusLink TnC:

AmBank Bonuslink 10X terms and conditions.jpg

So based on the above, you can earn 3% cask back for up to RM1K spending at Shell and Parkson.

Now, if you really want a credit card for Petrol, there are many better credit cards out there that earns you 5% cash back, i.e. Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards, Maybank Petronas, Maybank Ikhwan MasterCard and even AEON Big.

As for Departmental Stores (e.g. Parkson), the Public Bank Quantum offers 5% cash back up to RM600 spending.

And if you couple the right cards to earn you 5% cash back with the stand alone BonusLink card, you will also earn FREE BonusLink Points!!!

So, in conclusion, if you are new to credit cards, it is to your benefit that you read my FREE Tutorials and you can start by clicking on the links below:

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Oh yes, do sign up for BonusLink to earn FREE BonusLink Points at selected merchants including depositing money into SSPN-i.