The Best eWallet In Malaysia 2019 Is Now Unbeatable

Nowadays we have so many eWallets or digital contact-less payment methods. And just like credit cards, we need the right eWallets (more than 1) depending on our spending pattern. Some of the popular eWallets in Malaysia are:

  • AliPay
  • Apple Pay
  • Big Pay
  • Boost App
  • Fave
  • Grab Pay
  • Lazada
  • Razer Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • TouchNGo
  • WeChat Pay
  • plus other minor players.

Of all the ewallets mentioned above, Grab Pay and Boost offer the best returns.

Grab Pay is great if you are into air miles.

Boost App on the other hand are for Cash Back Fans where anyone can earn cash back even without having a credit card.

In early March, there was a complain by a Boost App user that her Boost Account had been hacked and she lost a few hundred Ringgit.

However, in mid March 2019, something amazing happened! You see, Boost App, which I have bestowed the title of the Best eWallet App in Malaysia became unbeatable!

Firstly, Boost now requires One Time Password sent to our phone when we Top Up with our credit card or debit card. This security feature is excellent as it addresses previous lack of security issue.

I am now going to teach the working Rakyat who are trying to stay afloat on how they can earn more than 5% cash back from their essential expenses.

How To Save More Than 5% From Your Essential Expenses

Boost is widely accepted by many merchants, Speedmart 99, KK Mart, Parking, Mobile Top Up, Broadband, Water Bills, Movie Tickets, Fave ( I will touch on this again later), 11St (I will also touch on this later) and etc. You’ll be surprised that a merchant that does not accept Visa or MasterCard will accept Boost for payments.

Boost App Water Utility Payement

Boost App Movie ticket telco Broadband

And there are many promos at Boost to save you more money for selected merchants/payments. For examples, you can get FREE Parking or 50% rebate at KK Mart.

Most of you who are reading this are my long time followers and I bet you have the wonderful Maybank 2 Cards Platinum or Gold to earn you 5% Cash Back from ANY TYPE OF TRANSACTIONS on weekends. I have fantastic news for you 🙂

You can now top up Boost ewallet with the American Express!!! Therefore, those of you with the Entry Level Maybank 2 Card Gold AMEX can now earn between 5% to 10% cash back from your essential expenses!!!

  1. As you guys know, the Maybank 2 Cards Platinum and Gold American Express reward us with 5% cash back on weekends for ANY TYPE OF TRANSACTIONS. What this means if that if we top up Boost with our Maybank 2 Cards AMEX Plat of Gold, we can earn 5% cash back!
  2. And I have also shown you how you can optimize your returns with Boost in my article titled Boost The Best App In Malaysia – You And Your Family Members Do Not Need A Credit Card To Earn Close To 5% Cash Back (This article is By Invitation Only).

By you coupling the above Item 1 and 2, you can earn between 5% to 10% cash back from your essential expenses!!!

Fave and Boost

Many of you are aware that with Fave, we can use our AMEX to make payments. And recently Fave added Boost as another form of payment. And now with Boost accepting AMEX, we can earn 5% cash back when we top up of weekends with the Maybank 2 Cards Plat and Gold. And when we use Boost with Fave, we earn additional cash back too!!!

Click here to read my aritcle on Fave.

11st and Boost

As shown in my previous articles, 11st frequently have promos when we make payment using Boost. And now that Boost accepts AMEX, 11st just got even better:

  • we earn cash back when we top up Boost with M2C AMEX Platinum or Gold on weekends;
  • we save money with Boost promo at 11St, i.e. discount vouchers.
  • we earn cash back (Shake Reward) when we use our Boost when making payment at 11st.


With or without GST, I still have to pay 6% tax at McD and KFC. Worst of all, no 6% GST but I have to pay RM25 for each of my FREE FOR LIFE credit cards!!!

In addition to the above, I went to Old Town and was shocked that a Nasi Lemak Set Meal will cost me close to RM20, we are not a developed country but our cost of living is close to one!

For years, we had the wonderful Maybank 2 Cards Platinum or Gold AMEX to earn us 5% cash back.

However, over the years, our expenses have also increased not due to our fault but to due the increase in prices of everything!!!

Luckily, we now have Grab Pay, Boost and Maybank 2 Cards Gold & Platinum AMEX to assist us to cope with the freaking high cost of living 🙂