MilesLife – One Of The Best App To Earn You FREE Air Miles BUT Effective 22 April 2019, KrisFlyer’s Partnership With Mileslife Has Been Temporarily Suspended

Miles Life is one of the best App to earns you FREE air miles. Besides saving you money on food, MilesLife even encourages you to stay healthy and rewards you with FREE air miles.

Whatever air miles I earned are credited daily into my frequent flyer program, i.e. KrisFlyer Miles and Qantas Points.

MilesLife Airline Partners.jpg

Thousands of Singaporeans has been earning free air miles with the MilesLife App for months.

However, since 18th April 2019, I noticed that the KrisFlyer miles I have earned with MilesLife have not been credited. On the other hand, I have no issues with Qantas Points, i.e. they are still being credited daily by MilesLife as of 25th April 2019.

Yesterday, a die hard follower of mine gave me a link that says that Singapore Airlines has suspended MilesLife!!!

If you visit Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer website, you will see that MilesLife is still there BUT with an image that states “Temporarily Suspended”.

KrisFlyer MilesLife Temporary Suspended 2019.jpg

KrisFlyer Mles MilesLife Temporarily Suspended 2019.jpg

From the above image, you will note that Singapore Airlines suspended their partnership with MilesLife effective 22nd April 2019. How come then the KrisFlyer miles I have earned from MileLife was stopped being credited on 18th April 2019, haha.

Anyway, as stated, it is “Temporarily Suspended” and not terminated, I hope MilesLife can resolve whatever issues they are facing asap with Singapore Airlines so that KrisFlyer miles fans can once again enjoy the fabulous MileLife App.

Once again, I would like to state that I am still earning Qantas Points with my MilesLife App.