Standard Chartered Bank Credit Cards Terms And Conditions Revisions May 2019

Come 2nd May 2019, Standard Chartered Bank’s credit cards are getting close to being useless.

Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Terms and Conditions Revision 2019.jpg

From the above, please note that Government, Charity, Jompay, FPX and PayPal no longer earn you anything with SCB credit cards. What! PayPal which is an online transaction earns you nothing!!! And read carefully, Professional Services is not only limited to FPX, JomPay or PayPal but much more. How about GrabPay?

I tell you, foreign banks are the most heartless banks, they penalized you when you are doing charity. Click here to read my review of Citibank Premier Miles and UOB Visa Infinite where both these said banks’ credit cards do not earn you any reward points for charity work. Citibank is worst off, you do not earn anything when you pay for your child’s education fees or funerals for your loved ones!!!

I guess come May 2019, you can keep your almost useless Standard Chartered Bank credit card(s) in the drawer and just auto debit your insurance policy with Just One Platinum to earn some small pocket money, hahaha.