Alliance Bank Credit Card FREE Taxi Ride To Airport

I have been holding the Alliance Bank Privilege Banking Visa Infinite credit card for years, which is FREE FOR LIFE since I have Privilege Banking Status, but have not used it even once in the last few years.

This year someone from Alliance Bank called me and claimed that I failed to settled my Alliance Bank Statement Balance before the Due Date. He then wanted to perform verification over the phone BUT heck no way I am going to disclose my Personal Information to a stranger. He was kind of pissed off that I refused to entertain him.

After I ended the call, I immediately called Alliance Bank Customer Service and it was true that I did not settle my Statement Balance before the Due Date and it is all the PH government’s fault!!! You see, I was imposed the SST of RM25, hahahaha.

After the above incident, I immediately went to Alliance ATM and deposit RM50  so that I do not need to worry about next year’s RM50 SST. I have also since then signed up for Alliance Bank Online Account so that I can view all my accounts with them, hahaha.

Finally, I might be able to use my Alliance Bank Privilege Banking Visa Infinite because they now have a promotion running until end September where I may be able to earn up to RM80 cash back. I mentioned “may” because as usual, we need to read the Terms and Conditions.

First of all you need to register for the promo. Visit Alliance website to register.

Alliance Bank FREE Grab Ride

Below are parts of the TnC:

To be entitled to receive the Cash Back of up to RM80 for their ride to or from the airport, Eligible Cardholders are required to:

a) Book a ride to or from the airport through the selected ride-hailing mobile app and charge it to their ABMB Credit Card, where the transaction should be posted on the Credit Card statement as follows:






b) Make three (3) retail purchases overseas in foreign currency (excluding “card not present” purchases such as online purchases, mail/phone order), with ABMB Credit Card within the same month as their airport ride to qualify for the Cash Back

Eligible Cardholders are entitled to enjoy the Cash Back only one (1) time per calendar month, with the qualifying spends to be performed. If Eligible Cardholders uses this service for more than one (1) time per calendar month, the Cash Back will only be awarded on the recorded transaction closest to the Qualified Transaction, capped to a maximum of RM80 per month.7. For the avoidance of doubt, Eligible Cardholders cannot bring forward their entitlements or accumulate the number of qualifying

Total Cash Back payout during the Campaign Period is RM60,000 and capped at RM12,000 for each qualifying month. Cash Back will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

From the above, the monthly quota for the promo is RM12K per month. Assuming everyone is entitled to the RM80 cash back, it means only 150 people will be eligible for the RM80 cash back. It is not guaranteed!

So, if you are going to use your Alliance Bank credit card to pay for the ride to the airport, your chances of getting the RM80 is high during the first week of the month and towards the end of the month you most probably will get nothing!

I hate these kind of stupid insincere con-job promos! Make me happy initially reading that I can earn RM80 and next thing I know I was bull-shitted again!