Enrich 10% Bonus Miles Is Back! But…..

From now until 31st July, we get 10% Bonus Enrich Miles when we convert our credit cards’ reward points to Enrich Miles.

I bet many of you were waiting for this offer like me, hahaha.

Enrich 10% Extra August 2019

And if you were to convert 1,500,000 Enrich Miles, you get Fast Tracked to Gold Status BUT what is the point since you will be flying Business Class anyway. And the joke is that you have 1,500,000 Enrich Miles but you will be only flying Business Class to London with Malaysia Airlines! Some of you will say you get to fly Malaysia Business Suite…. well the KEY word here is Business, it is not First Class lah, hahaha.

Fast Track to Malaysia Airlines Enrich Gold 2019

I have shown you guys in many of my previous articles that we get freaking low returns with Enrich Miles. The 10% Bonus is really insignificant.

There is however a BIG advantage for some of us who reside in KL where we get to fly DIRECT to London and several cities in Australia with Malaysia Airlines. I do convert a small percentage of my credit cards’ reward points to Enrich so that my parents and wife fly DIRECT to Melbourne. My dad will be pissed off with me if I were to give him a SUITE Class ticket to Melbourne as he has to waste time in Singapore transiting, haha. I on the other hand is extremely grateful to God whenever I get to fly Suite Class or First Class for FREE 🙂