Qantas Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard versus Bankwest Qantas Transaction MasterCard AND Woolworths Rewards


Recently I published an article that earning Qantas Points is so freaking easy in Australia. In this said article, I showed how a person who can qualify for Australian credit cards can easily earn 200K Qantas Points within a year by simply spending AUD1,500 per month. This is because many banks are offering Bonus Qantas Points to those who sign up for their credit cards.

With respect to the above mentioned paragraph, I showed you guys in one of my previous articles that my Engineer Doctor son (he has 2 Engineering Degrees and a Medical Degree) will have more than 200K Qantas Points by end of this year because he is eligible for new credit cards in Australia. BUT I on the other hand can only earn Qantas Points and snail pace 😦

In additional to the Bonus Qantas Points for signing up for new credit cards, one can also earn Qantas Points by making dinner reservations, Bonus Qantas Points when purchasing wine/liquor, depositing money into a transaction account, Bonus Woolworths Points to convert to Qantas Points and etc.

If you are new to Qantas Points, before you read the rest of the contents below, I strongly recommend that you click here and read my article titled FREE Qantas Points With Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Qantas Shopping, QantasWellbeing, Qantas Wine, Qantas Restaurant, Woolworths Rewards, & Caltex Petrol To Fly First Class For FREE.

My Qantas Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard versus Bankwest Qantas Transaction MasterCard

I have been a Qantas Frequent Flyer member since 2012 but I have not been concentrating on earning Qantas Points from my spending in Australia until only few months ago when I was introduced to Qantas Wellbeing App to earn FREE Qantas Points, haha.

However, I can only earn Qantas Points at snail pace because I can’t qualify for new Australian credit cards!!!

Below screenshot shows that as of end September 2019, I have a pathetic 4,600 Qantas Points only, haha.

Qantas Points September 2019.jpg

And the screenshot below shows the FREE Qantas Points I earned for 3 weeks in September 2019:

  • Qantas Wellbeing from sleeping and “walking” – approximately 100 Qantas Points per month.
  • Qantas Travel Money about 100 Qantas Points from spending $400 with the Qantas Money Prepaid MasterCard.
  • Qantas Points from Woolworths – 1740 Qantas Points (Woolworth credit the Qantas Points every quarterly and I only switched from Woolworths Cash Back to Qantas Points 2 months ago).
Qantas Points September 2019 Summary.jpg

Correction for 16th Sept, the 1740 Qantas Points from 4000 Woolworths Rewards Points

With the above, it means I can roughly earn 2K Qantas Points a month or about 20K Qantas Points a year which is as good as useless!!!

Therefore to increase earning Qantas Points faster, early this week I signed up for the Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account where I will earn 1 Qantas Point a month for every $12 deposited into the account AND the debit card earns me 5 Qantas Points for every “eligible” transaction.

And the Bankwest Qantas Debit Card was delivered to me via mail within 3 days of me opening the Bankwest Qantas Transaction account!

Below is my Qantas Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard and my new Bankwest Qantas Transactions Debit Card:

Qantas Money Prepaid MasterCard versus Bankwest Qantas Transaction MasterCard.jpg

So once again, the Qantas Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard earns me 1 Qantas Point for every $4 spent; versus

Bankwest Qantas Debit MasterCard which earns me 5 Qantas Points for every “eligible transactions”. What the heck does eligible transactions means???!!!

Well, from what I gather reading the documents posted at Bankwest website, the eligible transaction amount should be more than $3 (I may be wrong).

Therefore, I have decided that for amount less than $20, I shall use the Bankwest Qantas Debit Card to earn 5 Qantas Points. And if the amount is more than $20, I will then use the Qantas Money Prepaid MasterCard πŸ™‚

Actually, I do have an Australian Citibank Reward Visa Platinum credit card but it does not earn me Qantas Points but Emirates Skywards or Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles at the rate of 1 air mile for every $3 spent which is better than my pathetic Qantas Money Prepaid MasterCard! But like I said , the reason why I started playing Qantas Points is because of the stupid Qantas Wellbeing App that earns me Qantas Points while I sleep, hahaha.

Below are my Australian bank’s issued cards. The Citibank Platinum Visa credit card was issued to me years ago when I had CitiGold status. However not too long ago Citibank increased the AUM required for CitiGold status and therefore I was downgraded to Citi Priority (as shown in the Citibank Platinum MasterCard Debit Card).

GenX Australia Credit Cards.jpg

Basically, the reason why I am playing Qantas Points to see how fast I can earn enough Qantas Points to fly First Class.

FYI, I have flown First Class and Business Class with Qantas where I redeemed the tickets using other Frequent Flyer Program. And I must say Qantas service is pretty good.

Woolworths Reward Points Converted to Qantas Points

Basically I earn 1 Woolworths Reward Point for every $1 spent. And when I reach 2000 Woolworths Points it will then be converted to 870 Qantas Points. Well, I don’t spend $2K per month at Woolworths. However, Woolworths do offer many promos to enable me to earn Woolworths Rewards Points at light speed πŸ™‚

For example, in the month of September, I can earn up to 4,750 Woolworths Reward Points by spending $150 per week for 3 weeks. (FYI, my son who does not spend much at Woolworths and only joined Woolworths Reward Program few months ago only needs to spend AUD40 in a week to be eligible for 1500 Woolworths Rewards Points).

Woolworths Reward Bonus Points 1.jpg

Woolworths Reward Bonus Points to Qantas.jpg

And in addition to the above promo, there are other promos where I can easily earn more than 1000 Bonus Woolworths Reward Points for stuff that my wife do purchase at Woolworths and BigW.

Woolworths Reward Bonus Points 2.jpg

Woolworths Reward Bonus Points at BigW to Qantas.jpg

So with Woolworths Rewards Promos mentioned above and my actual spending of about $600 per month at Woolworths and maybe BigW, I can earn 6000 Woolworths Reward Points which can be converted to 2,610 Qantas Points!!!

How Soon Can I Hit 50K Qantas Points?

Based on my current spending at Woolworths, cards I have to earn Qantas Points, money deposited into Bankwest Qantas Transactions, below is the Qantas Points that I may earn a month:

1. Qantas Wellbeing App where I earn Qantas Points from sleeping and exercising – 100 Qantas Points.

2. Qantas Travel Money Prepaid Platinum MasterCard from ADU400 spending – about 100 Qantas Points.

3. Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account where I will maintain AUD2K to AUD3K, so average AUD2.5K per month – about 200 Qantas Points.

4. Bankwest Qantas Transaction Debit MasterCard where I will earn 5 Qantas Points per transaction, assume I perform 20 transactions – 100 Qantas Points

5. Woolworths Rewards Points, assuming I can earn 6000 Woolworths Points a month from promos – 2,610 Qantas Points.

Therefore, with item 1 to 5 above, I can earn 3,110 Qantas Points per month or 37,320 Qantas Points a year which is still as good as useless!

As I have shown you, we need 90K Qantas Points to redeem a ONE-WAY First Class ticket Melbourne/Singapore. Therefore it will take me 3 years to even redeem this said ticket, hahaha. I am wasting time playing with Qantas Points.

Qantas Points First Class Melbourne Singapore

But lets see exactly how many Qantas Points I will earn by end of this year……………..Β  my intention is to earn 90K Qantas Points by end of next year to fly one way First Class Melbourne/Singapore with Qantas Refurbished First Class.

Update 1st October 2019 – Revision toWoolworths Rewards Points To Qantas Points

Qantas Woolworths Points Revision 2019.jpg