Samsung Pay – What I Earned From Wasting Time Double Dipping With Samsung Pay

As I told u guys months ago, I started playing Samsung Pay to double dip, i.e. I earn Maybank Treats Points with my Visa Infinite and Samsung Points.

Well, finally last month some of my Samsung Points were expiring but there were nothing much on offer and I ended up redeeming Starbucks gift card RM10x5. Took them more than a month to send it to me.


Well RM50 Gift Card for all the hassle is like wasting time but then again I damn free and it is free so there is nothing for me to complain but should be grateful 🙂

In order to maintain my Samsung Pay Gold status, I have to use Samsung Pay 20 times a month. This is easily done by me going to myNews and use Samsung Pay where I will buy 5 packs of Heets (tobacco for IQOS) but pay each pack individually, i.e. using PayWave 5X with Samsung Pay, hahaha.

FYI, if your AirAsia Big Points are expiring, you can transfer them to Samsung Pay and vice-versa.