Convert Useless Samsung Points and AirAsia Big Points To CASH

Double Dipping with Samsung Pay

My Samsung Pay is linked to my Maybank Visa Infinite where I earn 2X and 5X Treats Points for local and overseas transactions receptively. With Samsung Pay, I don’t need to bring my credit cards out. FYI, I don’t even need to have internet connection, i.e. Data Roaming, to use Samsung Pay (which is fantastic when I go overseas).

I tell you, in the New Normal the less we we touch the better including our wallets. Therefore all I need when I go out is my phone where I can use Samsung Pay or use the numerous eWallets Apps.

And every time I use Samsung Pay, I also earn Samsung Points in addition to Treats Points. Therefore, I get to double dip.

Seriously, the Samsung Points are not my priority but it actually gives me more hassle, and I have only myself to blame for being greedy, haha. You see, instead of paying one shot for 10 items and earn Samsung Points once, I will make 10 separate payments at the same merchant at the same time using Samsung Pay to earn 10x points hahaha.

What Can I Do With My Expiring Soon Samsung Points?

As you may know, previously I managed to use my Samsung Points to redeem RM50 (5 x RM10) Starbucks Gift Cards.

Click here to read it What I Earned From Wasting Time Double Dipping With Samsung Pay

Well, I still have 3 x RM10 unused Starbucks Gift Cards! And with the lock down, I won’t be using it for a while and I wonder when is the expiry date. Then again it is free, so there is nothing for me to complain, haha.

My Samsung Pay Gold status have been revoked since I did not use it even once in April because of the lock down. And I had 350 Samsung Points expiring by end of this month (May 2020).

I have more than 4000 Samsung Points but there is nothing worth redeeming in the Samsung Pay App.

So in order to prolong the useless Samsung Points, I converted it to another useless Reward Program called AirAsia Big Point, haha. I had to convert minimum 1000 Samsung Points to 1000 AirAsia Big Points.

Samsung Points to AirAsia Big Points

So What Can I Do With The Useless AirAsia Big Points?

As you all know, AirAsia Big Points are kind of useless, more so now that we cannot fly anywhere.

You will be shocked that sometimes when we use AirAsia Big Points to redeem a ticket, the price of the ticket can be RM1 more expensive than booking directly with AirAsia dotcom without using a single Big Point!!!

However, if you are a long time follower of mine, you will know we can convert the Big Points to Cash using Fave APP!

Fave is pretty good as you may get additional discount or cash back at selected merchants. I am sure you all know that you can use AMEX with Fave to make payments at merchants that does not accept AMEX πŸ™‚

If you are into Boost Coins, you can also set Boost as your payment method in Fave. However, if you have the wonderful Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards, IMHO the AMEX is a better option to use on weekends to earnΒ  5% cash back.

Below image is taken at Fave’s FAQ:

Converting AirAsia Big Points To Cash with Fave

So basically 150 AirAsia Big Points = RM1

If you refer to the earlier image above where I showed Samsung Reward conversion to Big Points, I have 14212 Big Points. This means it is worth RM94.74.

14,212 Big Points is only worth about RM95; or this is equivalent to 1 Big Point being worth RM0.006, not even 1 sen!!! Like I said, AA Big Points are useless.

Anyway, you can also purchase stuff at Fave including petrol. There is even one promo where you get 10% off for Petrol with SCB credit cards.

Fave Offer 1

And if you see below, what I can redeem with RM95, I can even get 25% of at Petronas for new Setel users!!!

Fave Offer 2


Redeeming Big Points With Big Loyalty App

Nowadays we can also use our AirAsia Big Points to redeem for other stuff instead of just air tickets or hotel rooms πŸ™‚

Firstly, you need to Log In into the Big Loyalty App and you will then get to redeem vouchers using Big Points.

AirAsia Big Points to redeem cash vouchers

However, they only allow us to redeem 125 Big Points at any one time!!

AirAsia Big Point Redeemption for cash vouchers

Wow! 125 Big Point can get a RM200 Cash Voucher for Huawei smartphones.

But the same 125 Big Points only give us RM5 Cash Voucher for Caring eStore!

Basically what we get are discount vouchers for selected merchants.

Let’s see if the Grab Food Promo is any good. With 125 Big Points plus RM3.96, we get a RM5 cash voucher. This is equivalent to 125 Big Points = RM1.04 or 1 Big Point is worth RM0.0083. Well better than Fave’s case where 1 Big Point is worth RM0.006. But the fact remains 1 Big Point is worth less than 1 sen!!!

Anyway, you now know of another option to utilize the useless AA Big Points.

Oh yes, if you do see something you like to redeem at Samsung Pay App, you can also convert your AA Big Points to Samsung Points πŸ™‚ Or more importantly, you can extend the life of your expiring useless AA Big Points, hahahaha.