FREE Is The Best – More Than RM333 Buta FREE Money

I have many phone numbers and one of them is a Hotlink Prepaid but I have never been bothered with their Hotlink Rewards Program until recently……………… which is damn stupid of me!!! However, for the pass few days I have been redeeming the daily reward points by checking into my Hotlink App.

I have been topping up RM100 every 3 months or so to my Hotlink account, so much so that I have more than RM360 in the account to be utilized!

Hotlink Balance Before Lazada Voucher 1

I was so damn free that I checked out my Hotlink Rewards and to my surprise there are some good deals and even FREE stuff!!! Below shows I can get a FREE scoop of Haagen Dazs ice cream! But I did not redeem it since I am not going to the mall anytime soon and therefore give chance to others, haha.

Hotlink Reward 2

There are many promos at Hotlink from Family Mart to Lazada:

Hotlink Rewards 3

Since I have so much money in my Hotlink, I decided to try to redeem the RM10 Lazada eVoucher with RM9.50 from my Hotlink Account.

Hotlink Balance Before Lazada Voucher 2

Hotlink Balance Before Lazada Voucher 3

Hotlink Balance Before Lazada Voucher 9

From the image below, you can see that RM9.50 was deducted from my Hotlink Account which was RM367.20 before I “purchased” the RM10 Lazada eVoucher and the new balance is RM357.70

Hotlink Balance Before Lazada Voucher 8

Bros & Sis, the Lazada RM10 eVoucher which expires on 31st December 2020 is totally FREE!!! The one and only reason why I top up my Hotlink Account is so that it will stay active. This eVoucher is FREE money to me!!!

Well, looks like I just found myself more than RM333 worth of FREE money!!! After I “purchased” the Lazada RM10 eVoucher above, I was surprised that I still can purchase another one! I also “purchased” a Grab Food RM10 eVoucher 🙂

Hotlink FREE Lazada and Grab eVoucher

So with the above, I now have RM20 Lazada eVoucher and RM10 GrabFood eVoucher both FREE money!!! And I still have more than RM300 of FREE money to claim from Hotlink 🙂

Come to think of it, this Hotlink is damn good!

  1. Usually I top up RM100 with my credit card and sometimes Grab when there is a promo, so that my Hotlink Account will be good for about 3 months. Therefore I will earn cash back or reward points with my credit card.
  2. Now that I know I can purchase Lazada eVoucher using the said top up credit in my Hotlink account, I can go “purchase” 10X RM10 eVouchers!
  3. With the above, basically my Hotlink Account will remain active for FREE or looking from another angle, I can get FREE RM100 eVouchers.

FYI, my Hotlink Plan is called Red. For my case, I don’t really need data (as I use Wi-fi) for my Hotlink phone. I have another two phones which has data plan. Below is a screenshot from my phone, top up RM10 with TnG eWallet and I’ll be entitled to RM3 – that’s 30% cash back! Top up via Online Banking get RM5 FREE – that’s 5% cash back. But since I am a credit card fan, I will still use credit card to top up directly or indirectly via an eWallet.

Hotlink Top Up

I just checked Hotlink website and noted that there are another two Hotlink Plans for Unlimited Internet or Videos but I have no idea how the plan works.

Anyway, I must go “purchase” more RM10 Lazada eVouchers before they are sold out.

The above was drafted prior to dinner time. After dinner my wife used 3 of the Lazada RM10 eVoucher I “redeemed” earlier from my Hotlink to purchase 3 stuff each paid separately. The voucher can only be used for one payment each time.

After than I went and “purchased” more of the RM10 Lazada eVoucher and ended up with 12X RM10 Lazada eVouchers and 3X RM10 GrabFood eVouchers – below is a video showing my FREE eVouchers. And I still have more than RM190 in my Hotlink Account! Oh yes, the Hotlink Account is installed in my new Entry Level Samsung M31 which has a 6.4″ screen and as you can see it is very smooth.


Another thing, I have 2 Maxis Postpaid Accounts too (and one of them have 3 Supp lines for my children who are all in Australia) which I just blindly pay the monthly fees and get nothing in return – with the above Hotlink Promos, it will make more sense that I switch to Prepaid!!!

UPDATE 8th September 2020

Well I also have a DiGi Prepaid and they also offer discount and FREE Vouchers!

Below are Shopee Vouchers available at my Digi Prepaid

Digi Voucher 1

Digi Voucher 2

And below are Lazada Vouchers where you can get RM10 Voucher for RM6.99 which is like 30% discount. The other voucher is specifically for 9.9 shopping event.

Digi Voucher 3

Digi Voucher 4

However all the above vouchers are good for small purchases and if there is FREE shipping, we should separate the order so that we can use more vouchers.