FREE Money From Boost For Your Petrol or Groceries


Step 1 – Read the TnC

In my case today, I am going to utilize the Level 5 FREE RM15 Welcome Gift Wallet.

It is stated in the TnC that I must transact minimum RM40 to utilize the RM15 FREE money. And I wanted to use this said RM15 FREE money for petrol; therefore I had to wait until my petrol tank was less than a quarter, haha.

Another thing, make sure you check if the FREE Money has an expiry date!

To check if you have any money to utilize for your Petrol or Groceries or even specific merchant, go to your (i) Boost Reward, (ii) scroll down and (iii) check for Remaining Balance.

From the above you will see that the Level 5 FREE RM15 expires on 31st August 2020.

Step 2 – If you are pumping Petrol (this is a comprehensive tutorial for idiots, haha)

  • Identify your petrol tank is located on the left or right side of your car before driving to the petrol station.
  • Drive your car next to the correct side of a pump terminal, i.e. your petrol tank should be facing the pump terminal.
  • Switch Off your engine.
  • Open your car door and first thing you should do is look at the Pump Number which you must inform the cashier.
  • As you are walking towards the cashier – DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE else you may blow up the entire petrol station!
  • Once you are at the cashier, tell the cashier your Pump Number and how much you want to pump with RON95 unless you have too much money to burn then you can opt for RON97.
  • Pass to the cashier your Petrol Rewards Card, in my case I will pass my PetronMiles Reward Card – I get to triple dip when using Boost but Maybank AMEX still better.
  • Once you have done the above, you can now activate your Boost Account and proceed to Step 3 below to make payment.
Your petrol tank should be facing the pump terminal for easy pumping

Step 3 – Make sure you have money in your actual Boost Wallet to satisfy the minimum spending requirement if there is one.

In this case, I have RM52 in my Boost Wallet. When you are ready to pay, tap on Scan & Pay and the bottom of you phone screen.

Step 4 – Tap on I Scan Them or They Scan Me

In my case, the Petron Cashier will scan me. Then tap on the center of the screen.

Step 5 – Scan your fingerprint or use your PIN

Step 6 – Allow the merchant to scan your phone.

Oh yes, make sure you give the cashier your PetronMiles card too to earn more rewards 🙂

Step 7 – You will get a message if the transaction was successful.

As mentioned earlier, i had to purchase minimum RM40 in order to utilize the FREE RM15 Boost Level 5 Welcome Gift.

And remember to Shake Shake to earn Boost Coins, haha.

Below image shows that a total of RM25 Ringgit has been deducted from my initial RM52 before I made the above said petrol purchase at Petron.

That’s it folks, super easy right 🙂

Now, the only reason why I am using Boost to pump petrol was because I had the RM15 FREE money from Boost. Usually I will either use (i) my Maybank 2 Cards Platinum AMEX to earn 5% cash back on weekends if I still have cash back quota remaining or (2) my Maybank AMEX Reserve and earn 1 air mile for every RM1 spent for petrol on any given day.

Actually for petrol, these few months there are many eWallets offering cash back, so it is best that you check out ALL your eWallets whenever you want to pump petrol on order to maximize the returns from your expenses.