How To Generate FREE Money From Thin Air With The Right Smartphone With Samsung Pay

Does your iPhone or Xiaomi smartphone generates income for you? Yes, you read correctly…. earn FREE money from thin air with your phone.

My Old Samsung Note FE have been generating FREE money or FREE food for me and I have shared it many times. Below are some of the FREE money I have earned:

FREE RM20 Giant Cash Voucher
FREE RM50 Starbucks Gift Cards

I have also shared with you that I bought a Samsung Galaxy M31 but to my horror I only found out that is does not support Samsung Pay after getting the phone!!! The Samsung M31 is an Entry Level phone that is pretty good for general usage as it comes with 6000mAh battery but heck it cannot earn me anything!!! Click here to read about my take on the Samsung M31.

In respect to the above paragraph, not all Samsung Phones support Samsung Pay. If you ask me today, I will tell you to avoid the newer entry level Samsung Galaxy M Series, which was basically designed for India market and now only sold online in Malaysia.

I have since bought a Samsung Note 10 Lite which supports Samsung Pay. There is nothing special about the Samsung Note 10 Lite except that you can have the S-Pen feature for less than RM2K. Click here to read my article on Samsung Note 10 Lite.

However, I do want to tell you that I am super happy with the Supcase Casing for my Samsung Note 10 Lite. I have dropped my Samsung Note 10 Lite more than 3 times (without the outer bracket as I do not use it) and nothing happened to it. From now on, I will only get Supcase casings and would happily recommend Supcase to anyone. Click here or the image below to see my Supcase casing at YouTube.

Anyway, two of my disciples just bought themselves the Samsung Galaxy S20+, but they have yet to play Samsung Pay. So I thought I might as well give them a detail tutorial on what they need to know about Samsung Pay so they can maximize earning FREE money/stuff from thin air.

Scroll down and click on Page 2 to start your Lesson No.1 on Samsung Pay