Lazada Samsung Official Store – Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 Plus and S20+ Sale. Update 23 Oct 2020

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I was browsing Lazada just a moment ago and I came across two very good deals at Samsung Official Store.

Look at the above, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus for RM2,399 and RM2,899 respectively.

For your easy reference, at Lazada Search Bar, key in Samsung and you should see Samsung Flagship Store and click on it.

Once again here are the deals and you can get Auro Glow too!

Immediately I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with 256GB (which should be adequate for me for the next 3 to 4 years) as I prefer the smaller size compared to the Plus.

As you know, I bought the Samsung Note 10 Lite last month for RM1799 but I am not too happy with the camera. I think my old Samsung Note FE camera is much better. Hopefully the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be as good as my old Samsung Note FE’s camera.

Update 23 Oct 2020

The above promos are once again available at Lazada, i.e. Samsung Note 10 and 10+ at RM2,399 amd 2,899 respectively. Follow the steps above, key in Samsung at the Search Bar and then click on Samsung Flagship Store.

There is also a Samsung S20+ for RM2,999. However, the find this offer, key in Samsung S20 instead at the Search Bar.