Big Loyalty App – Use Your AirAsia Big Points To Pay For Stuff And Converting Them To Cash

For years I have been telling you that AirAsia Big Points are “useless” when it come to redeeming air tickets as the value of 1 Big Point is less than 1 sen. In previous articles I have repeatedly showed you that we get much better value when we use our Credit Cards’ Reward redeem for KrisFlyer Miles or even Enrich Miles.

I have even produced several articles where I have showed you I can get a ticket cheaper if I were to book directly with AirAsia instead of using Big Points to redeem for the same ticket!!! I.e. unnecessarily burning Big Points and have to pay more for the same AA ticket.

In actual fact, I earn much more air miles using my Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve to pay for an AA ticket compared to the AirAsia Big Points that I will earn from flying with AA on the same ticket.

Having said the above, previously we can get some pretty good deals where we can maximize the value of our Big Points with AirAsia Final Call by using nominal (not full redemption) AirAsia Big Points.

Big Loyalty App

AirAsia has a new logo for their Big Loyalty (shown below):

If you ask me, I think the Big Loyalty logo (the B in the read circle) is outdated from the 70s.

Secondly, the B is top heavy. The bottom half of the B is smaller than the upper part. How can a smaller thingy support a bigger and heavier thingy? Eventually the lower part will give way and the entire thing will collapse.

Actually the B logo adopted by Tan Sri Tony kind of reminds me Bugs Bunny, hahaha.

Anyway, Tan Sri Tony once again is upbeat that he will have the next super app. Click here to BBC report titled The airline founder building Asia’s next super app.

Hey! What happened to Big Pay App? Hahaha.

Anyway, the App Tan Sri is talking about is most probably the AirAsia Big Loyalty App, not AirAsia App.

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