Want To See What I Redeemed With Useless Boost Coins Again?

Previously in July 2020, I showed you that I have redeemed for a 500 Games Handheld Game Box and 240GB SSD Card using the useless Boost Coins. PW: FREEisdBest

Since we can’t redeem cash anymore with our Boost Coins, I am stuck with it!!!

FYI, there are currently a few very good offers for Boost Coins, example you can redeem Mydin RM10 Cash Voucher with just 66 coins.

There is even a RM10 Tesco Cash Voucher but you need 100 coins which is still very good.

BUT I do not shop at Mydin and/or TESCO!!!

However, you need to spend RM100 at Mydin and Tesco in order to use the RM10 cash voucher. It is clearly stated that the Mydin RM10 Voucher is good at selected outlets only. I tell you, it is really unwise to go out and put yourself at risk in getting infected with the covid-19 virus for a mere RM10 saving!!!

Coming back to my Boost Coins….. scroll down and click on Page 2 to see what I redeem this time 🙂