How To Convert AirAsia Big Points To Cash With Big Loyalty App And Big Points Gift Card

This tutorial consist of 2 parts:

Part 1 – How To Convert AirAsia Big Points To Cash With Big Loyalty App

Part 2 – Detail Analysis to Determine if it is even worth while to purchase AirAsia Big Points at 50% discount which we can then use it to convert to cash as shown in Part 1.

How To Convert AirAsia Big Points To Cash With Big Loyalty App

Besides flying with AirAsia, we do earn AirAsia Big Points too from many other types of methods. Below are a few examples:

Credit Cards Reward Points

We can convert many of our Credit Cards’ Reward Points to AirAsia Big Points. However, I have told you guys for years that you won’t get good returns if you do so because AirAsia Big Points are worth less than 1 sen!

Currently the best credit card in Malaysia to earn you AirAsia Big Points is with the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite and Platinum. Previously I have shown to a few die hard supporters/followers that even with 8X Timeless Bonus Points (TBP) which we can earn with the Alliance Bank credit cards, we will still be better off converting the TBP to Enrich Miles.

In order to benefit those of you who was not granted to read the exclusive article mentioned above, I have updated my Review of the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum with Big Points analysis. So, click here to read more about Alliance Bank Visa Infinite and Platinum Visa – The Best Credit Cards in Malaysia for Enrich Miles (AirAsia Big Points too).

Earning AirAsia Big Points from trading at Bursa Malaysia

with Rakuten Trade, you can trade Bursa Malaysia stocks online and you will earn AirAsia Big Points too! Click here to read an article on Earning AirAsia Big Points with Rakuten Trade by a Guest Columnist.

Earning AirAisa Big Points by Depositing Money at CIMB AirAsia Savings Account

Earn Big Points when you pay with your Big Pay MasterCard

Initially when the Big Pay Prepaid MasterCard was launched, we earn Big Points when we top up and when we use it. Today, we only earn 1 Big Point for every RM30 spent with the Big Pay MasterCard.

Since we are talking about Big Pay, there is a SCAM involving Big Pay where you may get a call (via your mobile number or even WhatsApp with Big Pay Logo too) or SMS. These are SCAMS!!! Do not entertain them but instead contact Big Pay Customer Service via your Big Pay App Chat. And never disclose your personal details or One Time Password to anyone for whatever reason – you have been warned.

Above are just a few examples, you can also earn Big Points with Fave, Samsung Pay, Watson, Mydin Rewards, etc.

Below is a recent article related to Big Points and I suggest you read it as this said tutorial will show you how much 1 Big Point is worth and how to maximize your returns.

Big Loyalty App – Use Your AirAsia Big Points To Pay For Stuff And Converting Them To Cash.

NEW YouTube video on How To Redeem Your Big Points at Big Loyalty App

I am please to present to you a YouTube Tutorial on Big Loyalty App where I redeem a Lazada Voucher. Why Lazada Voucher? Because it can be used to purchase almost anything including Petrol (Petronas Voucher), Food (sea food and durians too besides groceries) and many other essential stuff such as shampoo, milk and underwear too.

However, unlike the Hotlink’s Lazada Cash Voucher where the Code will be in the Hotlink App all the time after you claim it, the Big Loyalty Lazada Cash Voucher CODE WILL DISAPPEAR from your Big Loyalty App once you tap on View Voucher’s Code! Watch the video below and you will understand.

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Also in the video there is a correction, it should have stated Swipe to the RIGHT to reveal the Lazada Cash Voucher Code.

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