How To Earn FREE AirAsia Big Points Daily

UPDATE – As of 18th November 2020, we need 2 Big Points to play the Catcher game BUT we are no longer guaranteed Big Points unlike previously. So you can stop playing it.

Previously in my article titled How To Convert AirAsia Big Points To Cash With Big Loyalty App And Big Points Gift Card (click here to read it), I have shown you the following:

  1. The best credit card in Malaysia to earn AirAsia Big Points;
  2. How and where to earn AirAsia Big Points from trading in Bursa Malaysia;
  3. How to earn AirAsia Big Points from a Savings Account; and
  4. How to convert your AirAsia to as good as cash (Lazada Cash Voucher which you can then use it to purchase practically anything including Petrol, Groceries, Durians and underwear too; and
  5. Detail Analysis to Determine if it is even worth while to purchase AirAsia Big Points at 50% discount.

However, on 29th October when I check the Big Loyalty App there was no Lazada Voucher being offered despite the fact I (you should too) received an email from AirAsia on this said date stating that we could redeem the Lazada Voucher!!! This is truly misleading on AirAsia’s part.

HOWEVER, on 30th October I checked the Big Loyalty App, Lazada RM50 cash voucher is once again available 🙂

Anyway, I have some great news if you are into FREE AirAsia Big Points…. yes totally FREE and daily too.

With Tan Sri Tony wanting the Big Loyalty App to be the next Super App, first they must entice users to sign up for the Big Loyalty App AND then they must ensure that the users visit and use the App as much as possible.

In respect to the above, to ensure that as many people check out the App daily and use the App, the more value is the App (it’s a number game). And once the Big Loyalty App has millions of daily users transacting with it, it will become a Super App like Grab. When this happens, investors may be begging Tan Sri to accept their money for a stake in the Big Loyalty App 🙂

So in order to entice you and I to visit the Big Loyalty App daily, what other better way is there other than giving us FREE AirAsia Big Points daily 🙂 FREE is the Best!

I have created a YouTube video to show you how to go about collecting your FREE AirAsia Big Points 🙂

Click here to watch How To Earn FREE AirAsia Big Points Daily with Big Loyalty App

UPDATE 30th Oct 2020

After I shared above, a follower messaged me the following:

So today I played 4 times, and below is what I earned for FREE, please observe carefully and you will see my Big Points Increasing, starting from 646 and ended up with 652.