Want To See What I Redeem Again With My Boost Coins? Nov 2020

Last month I showed you that I redeem a Gift for my wife using my Boost Coins via PrestoMall and luckily the item was delivered to my home without any issues. Click here to see what I have redeemed previously.

Oh yes, one of my follower had issues when he redeemed for a Gift using Boost Coins which we must “purchase” via PrestoMall.

And just like Boost’s Customer Service, PrestoMall’s Customer Service is equally unhelpful. I guess we are all so used to the fantastic Credit Card Customer Service by Maybank, haha.

I also have issues with PrestoMall months ago when I ordered 2 things where it was stated it was delivered but in actual fact NO! Up to today, PrestoMall have not refunded me for the undelivered goods despite several emails! I have given up hope and considered it as a lesson not to purchase anything from them!

In respect to the above, that is why I now only purchase from Lazada. I tell you, Lazada delivery, especially LEX is freaking efficient. And Lazada gives the sellers 7 days to start shipping else the payment will be reimbursed. But once, there was a delay by a seller and they contacted me and I agreed to them delaying the item for a few days… and next thing I know, Lazada gave me RM5 FREE money credited into my Lazada Wallet đŸ™‚

Oh, I better get back to the topic on Boost Coins.

Well, Boost App was good when it was launched….. were it actually gave us cash back….. real money. Today, we earn Boost Coins at a pathetic rate compared to last year. We can no longer use our Boost Coins to redeem for cash back but for gifts which are most of the time useless. Once in a blue moon we can redeem for Shopee or Lazada cash vouchers which are good where we can use it to purchase essential stuff like milk and underwear.

So since I am stuck with so many useless Boost Coins which can’t be converted to cash, I have been using my Boost Coins to redeem for stuff. I redeem gift which I most probably will not buy outright, and since it is “FREE”, if the parcel ordered via PrestoMall never arrives also never mind, means God do not want me to have it đŸ™‚

The only thing that Boost offers that I actually need is Petrol…. not much since we are under MCO or CMCO or RMCO.

Actually I am not too happy to redeem the Petrol Cash Voucher because I can use my credit card to pay for petrol and earn more. I would rather that Boost allow us to redeem for real money credited into our account….but that’s not going to happen again.

Click here to my YouTube Tutorial to learn how to redeem the Petrol Voucher.

Scroll down and click on Page 2 to see what I redeem using my Boost Coins in early November and as usual you must read the TnC of any Cash Wallet (Petrol or Groceries or Prepaid or whatever) you redeem.