FREE RM200 (4XRM50) Lazada Cash Vouchers

In the pass one month of so, I have been promoting Big Points ever since Tan Sri mentioned that he intends for the Big Loyalty App to be the next Super App 🙂

Well, at the rate Big Loyalty is having promos after promos, looks like maybe (a BIG maybe) it may be the next Super App with millions of people using it daily.

On 22 October, I created a video to show you who to redeem the RM50 Lazada Cash Voucher at Big Loyalty App and how to apply the voucher at Lazada. I have used this said RM50 Lazada Cash Voucher.

Click here to read and Watch How To Earn and Convert AirAsia Big Points To Cash With Big Loyalty App And Big Points Gift Card

Then on 29th October I told you guys about a Catcher/Graber game at Big Loyalty App where you can earn FREE Big Points daily and updated again to tell you that you can and should play 4 times daily.

Click here to read and watch a video on How To Earn FREE AirAsia Big Points Daily

Then on 4th November, I told you guys about a game called Let’s Gold where you can earn more FREE big Points daily.

Click here to read and watch How To Earn FREE AirAsia Big Points with Let’s Gold App

Today, 9th of November 2020, after playing Let’s Gold for few days with my wife’s Big Loyalty Account and mine, I am going to show you, that since 22nd October 2020 where I used my first FREE RM50 Lazada Cash Voucher, I have redeemed another 4XRM50 Lazada Cash Vouchers. Bros & Sis RM200 FREE Money!!!

Click here to watch my YouTube video titled FREE RM200 Money From Big Points.

Yes, I always tell you that it is damn stupid to convert our credit cards’ reward points to AirAsia Big Points. But now we can earn Big Points from nothing (by simply tapping our phones with our fingers) to earn FREE Cash Vouchers, haha.

FREE is the Best!

However, one of my Bro told me he could not use the RM50 Cash Voucher redeem at Big Loyalty App at Lazada!!! I have no issues when I used the RM50 voucher previously. Now waiting for 11.11 to use the 4XRM50 Lazada vouchers.

Update 10th Nov – I used another RM50 Lazada Voucher without any issues.