Enrich Miles Best Deal Ever – 50% Bonus Miles on 11.11 ONLY

I hardly check my Enrich emails and when my fellow Bro sent me Enrich’s Promo I was surprised big time….. 50% Bonus Miles!!!

However, you must perform the redemption (call Customer Service to convert your credit card reward points to Enrich Miles) before 11.59pm on 11th November 2020.

So what can you do with your Enrich Miles?

Well, until end of this year you can convert them to Lazada Cash Voucher at the rate of 4000 Enrich Miles = RM50 Lazada Voucher.

Based on 4000 Enrich Miles = RM50 Cash Voucher, this works out to 1 Enrich Mile is worth RM0.0125, freaking bad.

However, assuming you convert your credit card reward points to Enrich on 11.11, and then you redeem for the Lazada Cash Voucher, it is like you are getting a value of Enrich Mile = RM0.01875 versus normal conversion.

You will get a better value when you use your Enrich Miles for booking hotel rooms as shown to you in my tutorial titled How To Convert Your Enrich Miles to FREE Hotel Stays With Enrich Hotels (click here to read it).

You can even get a better deal compared to the Lazada RM50 Cash Voucher if you convert yourEnrich Miles to BInfinite BPoints where you can redeem for Petrol or essential stuff at 7 Eleven. Click here to read Convert Your Enrich Miles To As Good As Cash.

Now I have a dilemma, should I convert my credit card points to Enrich Miles? Currently I already have about 100K Enrich Miles in my account but I can’t use to fly anywhere. And what if I were to convert more of my credit card rewards points for hotel rooms? Well, looks like I am not going to jalan-jalan anywhere in Malaysia either in view of the current crisis. I wonder by the time we can travel again…..will my Enrich Miles still have any value, hahaha.

However, I would think those of you with CIMB Enrich Bonus Miles, the 50% deal is really fantastic considering you can’t do anything else with your Bonus Miles.

Too bad Enrich Temptations offers useless gifts unlike KrisShop… yes, also visit KrisShop on 11.11 and you never know, you may find a great deal. Click on the videos below to see what I have redeemed from Krisshop 🙂

Many of My Air Miles Disciples too followed my lead to redeem stuff from KrisShop since we have so many air miles and can’t fly anywhere, haha.

Besides shopping for non-essential stuff at KrisShop, I have also used my KrisFlyer Miles to redeem for Remy Martin XO which has anti-oxidant properties 🙂

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Many of My Air Miles Disciples also redeemed for the World’s Best Whisky in 2015.

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So, Bros & Sis, I recommend you check out KrisShop on 11.11 as you never know, you may get yourself a FREE Apple iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy Flip 🙂