CIMB Enrich Credit Card – Bonus Miles Campaign And What You Must Know

Once again, CIMB and Enrich Miles are having an Acquisition & Spend Campaign. The campaign will run until 28th February and you get earn up to 80K Bonus Miles with a mere RM30K Spending!

However, you must always read the TnC.

Below is a screenshot of part of the Acquisition & Spend Campaign TnC:

From the above, are you surprised that Insurance Premiums are excluded from the spending requirement? Well, I was.

Luckily we can’t travel, else many people would have used their new CIMB Enrich MasterCard in Europe thinking that they can easily satisfy the spending requirement by buying a Chanel bag, hahaha.

Now, the TnC for the CIMB Enrich MasterCard Platinum, World MasterCard and Elite World MasterCard are unlike any other credit card. Back in August 2020, I have warned you guys that you must not miss payment to your CIMB credit card or else your Bonus Miles may be cancelled.

If you have or is thinking of getting a CIMB Enrich MasterCard, you better click here to read my article titled CIMB Credit Card Review & Warning – You Better Pay Your Statement Balance Prior To the Due Date Or Else You Will Be Penalized, Not Once, Not Twice But Thrice If You Have Their Enrich Cards

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