Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer 15% Bonus Miles With Credit Card Rewards Points

I am sure you have received the wonderful news via email from KrisFlyer that those of us with Malaysia Credit Cards can earn extra 15% Bonus Miles when you convert your Credit Card Reward Points to KrisFlyer Miles.

For those of you who are in Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia, you can earn 20% Bonus KrisFlyer miles.

As usual, you need to read the TnC. Below is a screenshot showing parts of the FAQ.

So points to note:

No.1 – The KrisFlyer Miles must be converted by 27th December 2020.

In respect to the above, the earlier you convert the better.

Maybank is very efficient where the KrisFlyer Miles will usually be credited within 3 working days.

However, for UOB’s case, from my personal experience, on 2 occasions, after a month also the KrisFlyer Miles were not credited into my KrisFlyer Account but only after I called them again only it was credited.

So, if you convert your credit card points to KF Miles before end of this month or in early December, you have 2 weeks to follow up to ensure that the bank process your request to convert your points to KF Miles and successfully credited before 27th December.

If you call CS on Christmas day (which is a Friday) when everyone is on leave since it is a Public Holiday, most probably your request to convert your credit card points to KrisFlyer will only be process and approved by the management on 28th Monday earliest. No one is going to process your request on Saturday and Sunday. So don’t be a fool and perform the conversion last minute, hahaha.

Yah, yah, I know some of you super calculative and will try to redeem last minute because the expiry date (you have 3 years) of the KrisFlyer Miles starts from the day the miles are credited into your account. But when shit happens, you only have yourself to be blamed for being greedy, hahaha.

No.2 – The minimum miles you must convert is 10K KrisFlyer Miles.

Some of you are aware that I did convert some of my credit cards reward points to Enrich Miles on 11.11 when they had a 50% Bonus Miles Promotion. I have checked my Enrich Account and the miles have been credited.

So will I convert my credit cards reward points to KrisFlyer Miles? Scroll down and click on Page 2 to read more……..