How To Redeem Shopee Farm FREE Ice Cream and RM5 Grab Food Voucher

As mentioned previously in my article titled Shopee Coins For FREE (click here to read it), I have not been using my Shopee App for months until a Bro told me that I can get FREE RM5 Grab Food at Shopee! So I started playing Shopee Farm and one thing lead to another, I am now wasting time on a mission to collect FREE Shopee Coins.

FYI, 262 of my Shopee Coins expired as I have not been shopping with Shopee for months but with Lazada instead. Therefore I started with ZERO Shopee Coins on 21st Nov 2020.

I then even produced a YouTube video to show you I have harvested the FREE RM5 Grab Food Voucher. Click on the image below to see the video.

I then selected the FREE Ice Cream to be planted next and harvested it yesterday.

So in a a period of 8 days, with the help from my Bros & Sis who watered my plant, I have harvested FREE RM9.90 in terms of vouchers (RM5 GrabFood and RM4.90 FamilyMart Ice Cream).

But here is the joke, I was beyond blur as to how to claim the voucher….. because when I tap on “Buy Now” and “Place Order”, I had to pay for the Grab Voucher or Family Mart Ice Cream, i.e. not FREE!

After I cancelled the order for the so called FREE RM5 GrabFood Cash Voucher, I couldn’t find the voucher anymore, haha.

Same thing happened for the FREE Family Mart Ice Cream, i.e. I had to pay for the voucher so I cancelled the order.

But luckily I have many wonderful followers who are generous and extremely helpful. You see, before I even harvested the FREE Ice Cream, a follower of mine offered me his FREE Family Mart Ice Cream Voucher which he had harvested from Shopee Farm earlier than me.

So I contacted the above mentioned Bro as to how to claim the FREE Ice Cream Voucher. He told me it took him 30 minutes to figure out. But with him teaching me, in less than 5 minutes I managed to redeemed the FREE vouchers, haha.

So for those of you who are blur as to how to claim your FREE Shopee Farm Voucher, I am going to share with you what my Bro taught me 🙂

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